Thursday, July 7, 2011

Senator Gloria Romero (Ret.) CA Director, Democrats for Education Reform issues statement urging SBE Board Member’s recusal

Los Angeles-Senator Gloria Romero (Ret.), the author of the historic Parent Trigger law issued a statement regarding the Conflict of Interest Complaint filed by parents across California against Patricia Rucker State Board of Education Member/CTA Lobbyist.


"The Parent Trigger law was authored by me--for parents-- to give real power to parents and embolden them to truly realize that they are the architects of their children's futures.

I join with the parents throughout California who just today have, rightfully and righteously, filed this conflict of interest complaint against Ms. Patricia Rucker and are asking her to cease from any deliberating, lobbying, strategizing, and most definitely voting on any matter that encompasses the Parent Trigger law and regulations. 

The honorable--and the lawful--thing to do is for Ms. Rucker to recognize her inherent conflict of interest and to recuse herself immediately from any matter that deals with the Parent Trigger as a member of the Board.  Ms. Rucker is a respected lobbyist in Sacramento.  I have every hope that she and her employer, the California Teachers Association, will recognize this conflict of interest, and do the right thing. 

This is of paramount importance at this time given that parents from throughout California will be traveling to Sacramento next week where final adoption of Parent Trigger regulations will be voted on. I believe Ms. Rucker should not be one of those casting a vote.

Today, parents from across California filed an official ethics complaint against current lobbyist and State Board of Education member Patricia Rucker for a conflict of interest stemming from her inappropriate participation in crafting and voting on the State Board’s final implementing regulations for California’s historic Parent Trigger law. Ms. Rucker is currently both a top paid lobbyist for the California Teachers Association (CTA) and a voting member of the California State Board of Education (SBE).  

Led by State Board of Education Board President, Michael Kirst, a fair and thoughtful, pro-parent draft of Parent Trigger regulations has been released and will be reviewed by the State Board at the July 13 meeting.

Next week’s meeting represents a defining leadership moment for Governor Brown, as he works to line up votes on his own appointed board in the face of intense opposition from CTA and other defenders of the status quo.

Senator Romero will join parents from across California on a bus to Sacramento on July 13th to testify in support of the most recent draft of Parent Trigger implementing regulations.

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