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Thursday, March 15, 2012

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California political round-up

In the wake of two big stories that could have major implications for the state budget, Patt sits down to discuss the fallout with California Senate President Pro-Tem Darrell Steinberg. First, Governor Jerry Brown caved to pressure from liberal activists yesterday and further hiked tax rates on the rich in his November tax initiative. Steinberg played a key role in brokering that deal, which he hopes will improve the chances of passing one of several tax initiatives on the ballot and will put an end to the state’s chronic deficit problem. But if passed, will it really do enough to relieve the budget pressure? And how will the perceived weakness play out politically in Sacramento? Second, California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) voted to lower its assumed rate of return for the first time since the recession, and it could end up costing California another $167 million. We find out where that money might come from and we also look ahead at Attorney General Kamala Harris’s “Homebuyers Bill of Rights” bill package. Call and write in with your questions.



Darrell Steinberg, president pro tem of the State Senate, California state senator (D-6th District)



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Who Listens to a President?

The State of the Union speech, the fireside chats, the Oval Office addresses – how much difference do presidential speeches really make? Not very much, according to some. In spite of the resources poured into President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union address, his approval rating only rose 1% after the speech – from 46% to 47% a week later. And forget about the argument that presidential rhetoric might actually convince opponents to change their minds: most of the time, a president’s ability to persuade someone to adopt a new belief only works if the listener is a member of the same party to begin with. According to today’s guest, Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein, a good speech can even prevent a president from achieving his goals. Do you tune in when the president speaks? Would you feel a loss if the State of the Union addresses were stopped? What function do these types of public addresses serve for you?



Ezra Klein, editor of Wonkblog and a columnist at the Washington Post, as well as a contributor to MSNBC and Bloomberg


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Is there a cure for fear?

Can you eat at a public restaurant or touch the door handle at the local café? Do you need a drink to get through a plane ride? Do you have to schedule all your meetings on the ground floor? Anxiety and fear can be as debilitating as any physical disability, and just as difficult to surmount. Guest Dr. David Tolin is the founder and director of the Anxieties Disorders Center at the Institute of Living and he joins Patt to answer your questions about how to deal with the myriad forms that anxiety can take and the paralysis that follows.



David Tolin is the founder and director of the Anxieties Disorders Center at the Institute of Living and author or “Face Your Fears: A Proven Plan to Beat Anxiety, Panic, Phobias, and Obsessions;” He is also an adjunct associate professor of psychiatry at Yale University







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