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PATT MORRISON SCHEDULE for Friday, September 7, 2012 LIVE from Charlotte


1-3 pm PT/4-6 pm ET

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4:06 – 4:30
Fact-checking Obama’s speech
Let’s face it: rhetoric and the unfiltered truth can be oil and water. Over and over, politicians find ways to bend the truth, which is where sites like and Politifact (with it’s “Pants on Fire” award) come in. Last week Paul Ryan earned criticism for a series of obvious errors in his speech at the Republican National Convention, so now it’s time to ask how the Democrats did. Does it surprise you to know that Bill Clinton earned a begrudging set of “mostly true” to “true” marks on the Politifact meter? Who do you think stretched the facts the most, and how do you think Obama did?

Rob Farley, deputy managing editor for

4:30 – 4:39
L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa recaps his debut on the national stage
Antonio Villaraigosa’s career arc of irrepressible political survivalism has not been drawn by backing losers. As chair of the Democratic National Convention, the Mayor of Los Angeles is talking about Barack Obama’s connection with the Democrats’ most-celebrated ‘non-loser’ of the last half-century, Bill Clinton. Saying Obama policies are Clinton policies, Villaraigosa has been taking dead aim at swing voters who remember the high economic tide of the 1990s. The mayor is also wielding his partisan hatchet with dutiful lust, saying earlier this week that if you close your eyes, some aspects of the GOP platform are from 1812. Yet one of Villaraigosa’s first acts as DNC chair met with a contentious response of its own: despite what sounded like an equal amount of “yeas” and “nays” from the delegates, Villaraigosa passed an amendment to the party platform, adding the word ‘God’ and official recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  How much of what transpires this week at the Democratic National Convention will bear the mark of the most visible Angeleno politician in the world? How much credit can he take in good taste, and how much blame will be assigned due to any convention gaffes?

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, mayor of Los Angeles and chair of the 2012 Democratic National Convention

4:41:30 – 4:58:30
Limerick Challenge /Cartoons
In honor of this country’s grand tradition of political comedy, and after a week of broadcasting live from the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, Patt Morrison and her team of producers are more that a little politically punch-drunk. Don’t worry, that just makes it the perfect time to judge your hilarious bipartisan political limericks! Tune in today as Ben Gleib and Patt Morrison read the winner(s?).

Michael Ramirez

Tony Peyser

5:06 – 5:19
What issues were M.I.A. at the DNC in Charlotte?
The speeches have been spoken, broadcast into millions of homes and analyzed and re-analyzed by the pundits; two weeks of spin on political rhetoric has been spun; the good people of Charlotte are cleaning up the balloons and streamers and hotel vacancy rates are returning to normal. But for all the pomp, circumstance and posturing, what issues were conspicuously absent from the 2012 Democratic National Convention? We heard a lot about the economy, the perceived ineptness of the party on the other side of the aisle, a subdued but evident stance on gay marriage, the administration’s health care victory and many other issues from Barack Obama’s first term as president.. But what didn’t we hear? Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s flubbed majority vote on including God and acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel didn’t get much play in the press. What issues would you have liked the Democrats to address in Charlotte? What issues will make or break the Romney and Obama campaigns with less than two months to go?


Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator from Vermont


5:21 - 5:30
Richard Schiff of ‘West Wing’ chimes in about political fiction vs. reality
Actor Richard Schiff, better known to "West Wing" fans as Toby Ziegler, is always being asked about politics. "I get interviewed all the time [about politics] and I don't know why. It's kind of the equivalent of asking Anthony Edwards to do your surgery," he told the Capitol Hill newspaper “Roll Call.” He must hold politics close to his heart, however, or he wouldn't have signed up to work on an upcoming politics-based web series called "Chasing the Hill." In the series, Schiff will portray a political campaign consultant and will be reunited with former "West Wing" co-star Melissa Fitzgerald. How accurately does Hollywood portray politics on screen? Is the line between political fiction and reality being increasingly blurred?

Richard Schiff, actor, received an Emmy Award for his work on NBC’s political drama West Wing

5:30 – 5:39
Hollywood shows its love for the Dems at the DNC
There’s no denying it, Hollywood and politics tend to go hand in hand. A-listers like George Clooney, Stephen Spielberg and Matt Damon hobnob with President Barack Obama when he comes to Los Angeles. Stars like Beau Bridges, John Leguizamo and Seinfeld’s Wayne Knight made the trip to Charlotte to take in the convention and hear the speeches. Other celebrities like actress Eva Longoria and rockers Foo Fighters took the stage at the DNC to endorse and perform for the Democratic Party. Los Angeles is the epicenter of the entertainment industry, but Hollywood’s presence could be felt all week 2,412 miles away in Charlotte. Beau Bridges is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, and the famed actor from “The Descendants” and “The Fabulous Baker Boys” joins Patt from Charlotte to discuss Hollywood’s role in this year’s presidential election. How can celebrities influence elections? Does a star’s endorsement of a candidate fire you up or turn you off?

Beau Bridges, actor

5:41:30 – 5:58:30
Comedy Congress: Live from the 2012 Democratic National Convention
Patt Morrison convenes the fifth and final session of Comedy Congress at the DNC today with stalwart funny man Ben Gleib, who will help figure out what makes Democrats so funny. Join Patt and Ben as they bring you the latest gaffes and quips from Charlotte, aka 'The Hornets Nest.'

Ben Gleib,
roundtable regular on Chelsea Lately, host of the podcast "Last Week on Earth with Ben Gleib"; he's also on the new SyFy series 'Insane or Inspired' and can be heard in the movie "Ice Age 4”


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