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Before There Was Mayor Sam...

AUGUST 1, 1995  VOL I, NO. 1
But Hopefully Something Different
Welcome to the Boozoo Comics.  What the hell is a Boozoo?  I have no idea.  Its
just a word I made up because Larry Harmon took the name I really wanted.
The Boozoo Comics is the place where I will tell you about the things I'm
interested in.  Mostly politics, popular culture, the internet, the entertainment
business, etc.  Some other things here and there.
For now, the Boozoo will be a text only newsletter, posted to relevant newsgroups
and sent via e-mail to anyone who wants it.  We'll publish every few days or so,
until we get our stuff together and get regular (and for anyone who wants to get
regular, I recommend Metamucil.).
In the future, we'll have a web page, hard copy edition sent via snail mail, a hotline
and our own brand of hoof polish.  We really do want to grow, so we need you.
Please feel free to send all comments, suggestions and questions to me at
We of course are very interested in receiving any submissions you want to
include.  We can't pay for them, but if you're real nice, when we get big, if we like
your stuff, we'll give you a job.  E-mail your submissions to the above e-mail
In the meantime, we now present Boozoo Comics.
According to reports on CNBC, Westinghouse, a leading appliance maker and
longtime owner of Westinghouse Broadcasting, is going to buy the Tiffany
Network. A news conference will be held this afternoon to announce the deal.
If shareholders go for it, and the folks who want to do this deal can get the money
for it, Westinghouse will spend $5.4 billion to buy CBS, offering $81 a share.
Apparently Westinghouse has committments from JP Morgan and Chemical Bank
for a cool billion in loans.
Government approval will be needed too.  Westinghouse and CBS own radio and
television stations in some of the same markets, so under FCC laws, they will
have to sell.  Here in LA, Westinghouse owns newsradio KFWB and CBS owns
their competition, news station KNX-AM.  One will have to be sold.  One will have
to be sold, and my guess is on KFWB.  Someone should buy KFWB and turn it
into a news, talk and rock format  That's my idea for a brand new radio format.
Anyway, another network sold in the last two days, since Disney bought ABC
yesterday.  Now NBC must be shaking in their boots and hope that Ted Turner
doesn't try to buy them.
* * *
Now that CBS and ABC have been sold, who do you think should buy NBC?  We
asked people on the streets in New York, LA and Bartolo, Texas.  Here's their
        "Ross Perot" - Harley Bobcat - Texas
        "Captain Caveman" - Shoshana Bernstein - Studio City, CA
        "Jello Pudding" - Bryan Arcola - Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York City
        "My mother" - Sarah Rapshel - Texas
        "Federal Express"  - Harrison Bocksingwortoning - Manhattan, New York
        "Barney" - Sunshine Gomez - Santa Monica, CA
According to the experts, those possibly interested in NBC are Sony.  But that
depends if GE wants to sell.  Since they got rid of David Letterman, they don't
sweat as much.
By the way, you've heard that the guy who runs Westinghouse is Michael Jordan?
Well, its not the basketball player Michael Jordan.  Its another guy.
* * *
Bonehead of the Day Award
A few weeks back I wrote to my US Senators, Dianne Feinstein & Barbara Boxer,
expressing my opposition to the Communcations Act amendment to the
Telecommunications Act of 1995 (S. 652), authored by Nebraska dinosaur,
Senator James Exon (D-NE).  He had some help from Dan Quayle's replacement,
Senator Dan Coats (R-IN).
Senator Boxer's office called me and said she would oppose it.  Well, I finally got a
letter back from DiFi and here it is, in its entirety:
United States Senate
Dianne Feinstein - California
Washington DC 20510-0504
July 16, 1995
Mr. Michael Higby
(address deleted)

Dear Mr. Higby:
        Thank you so much for contacting me about the Decency Act amendment
to the Telecommunications Act of 1995 (S. 652).  I appreciate hearing from you.
        During debate on the Telecommunications Act, the Senate overwhelming
adopted by 84 to 16 a bi-partisan amendment offered by Senators James Exon
(D-NE) and Dan Coats (R-IN) that would ban obscene telecommunications.  I
voted in favor of the amendment.  Specifically, the amendment would make it
unlawful to use electronic mail, a fax machine or other telecommunications device
to harass another person with obscene, lewd or indencent material.
        The amendment also would make it unlawful to make available obscene
material to anyone, or indecent material to minors, via computers.
        The Exon/Coats amendment replaced an alternative amendment offered
by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) which would have provided for a study of legal
and technical issues of restricting obscenity on telecommunications systems.
        Once again, thank you for your letter.  I value and respect your opinion
and hope that you will continue to share your thoughts and ideas with me.
        If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me or
Matthew De La O of my Washington DC staff at 202/224-3841.
        With warmest regards.
                        Dianne Feinstein
                        United States Senator

What a bonehead!  Senator DiFi has made it clear in the past that she hates
computers, fax machines, etc.  And this is the kind of mentality pervading
Washington right now, in both parties, from people who know nothing about
computers or free speech for that matter.
Senator Patrick Leahy has done a wonderful job of standing up for the first
amendment and even has a web page where you can get more information.
Well, strike a blow for liberty and be sure to let your senators and congressmen
know that you oppose the amendment to S. 652, as well as President Clinton.
And while you're at it, why not call Matt De La O and tell him what you think.
Therefore, Dianne Feinstein has been awarded our bonehead of the day award.
* * *
Goes to our old buddy, LA County Supervisor Zev Yarovslasky, who wants to take
money from the Los Angeles MTA subway system to pay for hospitalizing
indigents, since they ran the county dry, and now its broke.
The problem here, is that the subway has enough problems, and that the money
comes from a special tax, that voters passed several years ago, that is specifically
earmarked for transit.  To take it and spend it on other county functions is a
breach of the voters trust, and to all those who have paid this tax.
LA is desperately in need of a rail transit system and the sooner the better.  To
delay it five years as Zev wants, is going to make a bad situation even worse.
Yes, people need health care, but the county can take other steps.
So, congratulations, Zev, bonehead of the week.
* * *
INTERNET HAPS: Here's what they're talking about on alt.showbiz.gossip.
Thought you might like to know:
        Is Charles Perez Gay? (someone said he was a gay man's lover on MTV's
                                    "The Real World!"  I have no idea.)
        These Stars Are Gay
        Is Rosie O'Donnell Gay
        Real Stinky Celebs
        Michael Jackson's Skin
PEPSI CHALLENGE: Little bits of metal have apparently been found in some
cans of Pepsi.  Here are the lot numbers, if you have one, you can take it back to
the store where you bought it and get a replacement or refund:
        1800 to 2359 071154
        0000 to 0400 071254
* * *
That's it for now!  Send your comments, suggestions, submissions, etc. to

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