Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Airtalk for Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Contact: Producers Jasmin Tuffaha & Anny Celsi




Thursday, January 10th, 2013

11:06 –11:30
Topic: 2013 Oscar nominations:

Guest: Nicole Sperling, Los Angeles Times Film Writer



11:30 -12:00
Topic:  Ask the Chief [with Patt Morrison]: The LAPD just nudged over the magic 10,000, the number of sworn police officers, but did it happen by moving officers around, rather than adding them? Police chief Charlie Beck is here talking to Patt Morrison and taking your questions about policing in the City of Angels. We’ll also find out what the chief thinks of even tougher California gun law proposals in the wake of the Newton massacre of a score of little children.  

Guest: Charlie Beck, Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department

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12:06 – 12:30
Topic: Fool’s Golden Globes?: While the entertainment industry is abuzz with news of the Academy Award nominations, there’s another awards show rolling out the red carpet right now. This Sunday, the Golden Globes will be handed out to the winners chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. While no one can argue that the Globes are the biggest party in Hollywood--everyone there is drunk, afterall--there is a debate over the integrity and reputation of the event. It has long been accused of serving as a means to drive up ratings and viewerships for NBC, which exclusively airs the awards show. Furthermore, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s conditions for membership have been called dubious, as film critics from such high profile media outfits like the Times of London have been turned away. And in the past, the Globes have handed out awards that were unanimously considered to be the result of bribes. On the other hand, there are viewers who enjoy the lively--i.e. drunk--atmosphere of the Globes over the more stoic Academy Awards. Some critics even stress that the Globes have made the right choices for certain categories when the Oscars faltered. Plus, almost everyone agrees that the jokes are better at the Globes, probably thanks to using funnier hosts. Do you watch both? Do the Globes deserve to be seen as little brother to the Oscars? Are they a sham? Is it ridiculous to try and compare awards shows? What do you think?

Guest: Leonard Maltin, film critic and historian for Entertainment Tonight


12:30-12:50   * * TENTATIVE - DO NOT PROMOTE * *
Topic: State budget released today

Guest: H.D. Palmer, Deputy Director of External Affairs for Governor Jerry Brown


Topic: Life of Pi - the journey from fantastic novel to magical movie: When screenwriter David Magee set out to transform the book "Life of Pi" into a screenplay, he faced a monumental task. The novel, by Yann Martel, is fantastical, outlandish, even hallucinatory. On the page, it's far easier to damn a young man to a lifeboat with a hungry tiger. Making it believable for a movie audience is a much more daunting exercise. The book is also beloved for conveying a deeply touching spiritual journey. Magee and director Ang Lee needed to capture that, too. They succeeded, judging by critical and commercial success. How did Magee stay faithful to the original story? Was he worried about how Martel and his fans would receive it? What was it like working with Lee?

Guest: David Magee, (muh-gee) Screenwriter, “Life of Pi;” based on the novel by Yann Martel; Magee is nominated for a Writers Guild Award for Best Adapted Screenplay  (OSCARS NOMS TBA)

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