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AirTalk for Monday, April 8, 2013

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Monday, April 8, 2013


TENTATIVE TAPING AT 9:15 a.m. - Re: Guv in China - Rob Schmitz


11:06 –11:30



11:30 -11:40

Topic: Governor Brown shopping for trade in China: (TEMPHEAD)


Guest: Rob Schmitz, China Correspondent, Marketplace, American Public Media




Topic: Does selling “used” digital music equal piracy?

Guest: Alex Sayf Cummings, assistant professor in Georgia State University’s department of history and author of his soon-to-be released book “Democracy of Sound: Music Piracy and the remaking of American copyright in the Twentieth Century”


12:06 – 12:20



12:20 – 12:40

Topic: Smokers banned from jobs at major Pennsylvania employer: As if there weren’t enough impediments to landing a job these days.  A growing national trend has some employers – predominantly health care institutions – deeming those who admit to being tobacco users candidates-non-grata. Twenty-nine states, including California, have laws prohibiting discriminatory hiring based on legal activity, and as of this writing, smoking is still legal throughout the U.S.  But in those who don’t, employers are free to cite being smoke-free as a condition of employment.  The latest to adopt the policy is the University of Pennsylvania Health Care System; their website calls it a step “toward a tobacco free future” and lists improving worker health and reducing insurance costs among the reasons.  Candidates are required to attest on their application that they don’t light up, with falsified information grounds for termination. Civil rights advocates call the policy invasive and discriminatory. What’s next, you might ask? What other potentially harmful yet legal activities could violate future company policies - drinking, swimming, dancing barefoot?  Does a non-smoking workforce really translate into saved costs for employers?  Should people be encouraged to kick the habit with sticks rather than carrots?  Should California amend its current law to allow for a ban on hiring smokers?


Guest: Lewis Maltby, President, National Workrights Institute



Guest: TBD


12:40 – 1:00  Topic:  Maceo Parker measures out 98% funky stuff: It was James Brown, exhorting him, “Maceo, I want you to blow!”, who turned saxophonist Maceo Parker from a sideman to a showstopper.  But when Parker blew the doors off James Brown’s “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag,” it was only the beginning. His new memoir takes us from his Southern roots playing in soul bands with his brothers, through his long stint in Brown’s band, the Famous Flames and with George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic, Prince, De La Soul, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and others.  Since the 1990’s Parker’s been leading his own band, and at the age of 70 is still jazzing, funking and blowing it up onstage, to the tune of 300 performances a year.  


Guest: Maceo Parker (“MAY-see-oh:) saxophonist, bandleader and author of  98% Funky Stuff: My Life in Music (Chicago Review Press)




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