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Friday, April 22, 2011

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Powering the Dream: the promise of alternative energies

With everything being filmed in black and white it’s not often that one thinks of the past as being… green? But Idaho was innovating with geothermal heating systems in 1910; electric cabs were a staple of Manhattan’s streets in 1890 and in 1941 the first megawatt turbine was constructed – this wouldn’t happen again for another 40 years. With all of these seemingly “green” projects happening so early in America’s history one might wonder why we haven’t seen a resurgence in alternative energy solutions until now. Well, we need only look to 1970, during the oil embargo and the explosion in green-technology research that followed and was only dropped after oil, once again, seeped into the market. With oil being cheap and plentiful, few people would look elsewhere… besides the truly ingenious. Powering the Dream expounds upon the tales of these forward-thinking inventors who, before their time, made the decision to work toward a greener future.


Alexis Madrigal, is a senior editor for The Atlantic and author of Powering the Dream

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Hershey Felder in George Gershwin Alone

Pianist Hershey Felder joins Patt to talk about his 10th anniversary presentation of George Gershwin Alone, his one man show about the life and music of American great George Gershwin. Felder brings his show to the Pasadena Playhouse and to Los Angeles, where Gershwin lived out his life. Tune in for Gershwin’s stories and his standards from Porgy and Bess, Rhapsody and Blue and more.



Hershey Felder, creator and star of “George Gershwin ALONE,” which runs through May at the Pasadena Playhouse





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Comedy Congress live from the Crawford Family Forum!

The only true medicine for the pain of politics is laughter—after all, if we weren’t laughing at the (mostly) unintentional humor emanating from Washington D.C. and state capitols, chances are we’d be crying. Budget pandemonium is in full effect as Republicans race to slash social services, leaving poor, sick & helpless grandmothers in their wake, while Democrats do a lot of hand wringing and crying and not much else. And it's always fun to laugh at a gloriously uninspiring field of GOP presidential candidates. Tomorrow we’ll probably cry about our lost jobs, but today join us in laughing at the madness of it all—the truth hurts far less when it’s told by comedians.



Aisha Tyler, touring stand-up comic; staring in the new TV series “XIII”; voice actor on the FX series “Archer”; and star in former TV shows, “Friends,” “24,” “CSI,” and the “Ghost Whisperer”; and former host of the E! Channel “Talk Soup”



Alonzo Bodden, winner of season 3 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and regular performer and field correspondent for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; guest star on several TV shows and movies, and his new DVD “Who’s Paying Attention” is available at Amazon


  • Alonzo is performing at the Long Beach Laugh Factor at 10pm on Friday night and the Hollywood Laugh Factory at midnight Friday


Ben Gleib, touring stand up comic, regular panelist on the E! Network’s Chelsea Lately, regular performer on the CBS The Late Late Show and on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly; host of’s “Behind Enemy Lines” and the face of MySpace News; named one of "Six Comedians who Could be Comedy’s Next Big Thing" in Esquire


  • Ben is headlining at the Hollywood Improv on Friday night, show starts at 8pm.


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