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Avatars in advertising – should it be legal to use your pictures to sell products to you?

Imagine walking down the street in 2014… you glance in a store window and there you are, smiling back at yourself from a digital ad in the window of a clothing shop – and in it you’re wearing the store’s latest sweater. Sound like sci-fi Minority Report territory? The technology necessary to use your online pictures to advertise to you isn’t quite here but some of the pieces are in place, and the theoretical practice is already raising a host of privacy concerns. Young people who make up “Generation Z” are largely less concerned about online privacy than older people. Social media sites like Facebook already have access to your photo albums – pictures of you in every conceivable situation from which to snag your visage and insert it into advertisements. And retailers are banking that when consumers see themselves using products in ads, they’ll be more likely to take those products home. Is this an invasion of privacy or a chance to see how you look in the latest fashions? Just who owns those pictures you post online, and should companies be able to use them to convince you to buy products and services?

Guest: John Abell, New York City bureau chief for Wired Magazine

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Guide to Starting Fresh: How to Leave Financial Hardships Behind and Take Control of Your Financial Life

In the wake of the most devastating economic decline since the Great Depression, millions of homeowners have fallen behind on their mortgages, millions more have lost their homes to foreclosure, and countless Americans have lost employment and income. A reported 1.5 million Americans are filing for bankruptcy each year. Being traumatized by an extreme financial hardship can make life feel hopeless, but author Karen Blumenthal shows that recovery is possible in “The Wall Street Journal Guide to Starting Fresh: How to Leave Financial Hardships Behind and Take Control of Your Financial Life.” Blumenthal walks readers through the necessary steps to get back on track financially, including establishing a trusted set of advocates, repairing credit records, and budgeting for a sustainable future. What is the most difficult financial hardship that you have ever had to face and how did you deal with it? Call in with your questions.


Guest: Karen Blumenthal, writes the Getting Going personal finance column for The Wall Street Journal; author, “The Wall Street Journal Guide to Starting Your Financial Life” and “Grande Expectations: A Year in the Life of Starbucks' Stock,” as well as four nonfiction books for young people. Her latest book is “The Wall Street Journal Guide to Starting Fresh.”



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Haterade: Does ‘commenting culture’ promote conversation or kill it?

“You are a vile, loathsome, despicable pig. Your stench permeates through the web,” wrote a commenter targeting columnist Meghan Daum. Such comments inspired Daum’s new essay “Haterade,” about how “commenting culture,” as she calls it, “infects the internet, inviting us not to ‘join the conversation’ so much as to join a fight — or at least gawk from the sidelines.” Daum examines the persistent unconstructive counter culture that appears to continuously flood the internet. According to Daum, haters “take the very privilege the internet has afforded all of us— the privilege of equal opportunity, instant expression—and spit on it, making the very notion of ‘speaking your mind’ seem almost like a dirty practice, the national pastime of the lowest common denominator.” Has the internet leveled the playing field so that anyone with access to a computer can join the conversation or has it unleashed an unproductive surge of hatred? How has the anonymity and immediacy of cyberspace influenced how we communicate? And has that blog invitation to ‘’join the conversation’’ become ``join the blog brawl’’?


Guests: Meghan Daum, L.A. Times columnist and author of “Haterade”








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