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Friday, June 1, 2012

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A Los Angeles map from 1942 causes a big stir in 2012
Joseph Jacinto Mora was an illustrator and cartoonist who came west from the Boston area to Carmel in Central California in 1920 to work on the Father Serra Cenotaph in the chapel at El Camelo Mission. But Mora’s main notoriety came from a series of illustrated maps he created of California locales. Mora called them ‘cartes’ – and they were sought after, full of character and expensive. But lately, Arty Angelenos have been abuzz with the recent news that a set of 250 posters of Mora’s exquisite map of Los Angeles will be available for $45… far less than the $4,000 that original prints have fetched. Mora’s L.A. carte features many historically accurate landmarks and some oddball details like a mysterious ostrich near Lincoln Heights and a lion farm in Alhambra. Glen Creason, the map rock star behind the book “Los Angeles in Maps” called Jo Mora’s Los Angeles carte his “favorite map of all.” How can Los Angeles’ history inform its future? Does making posters of a rare map make the image less unique?


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Ina May Gaskin on birthing the home birth movement

In the 1970s, Ina May Gaskin led a caravan of her friends to a rural patch of land in Tennessee that they called The Farm. There, they grew their own food, built their own houses, and delivered their own babies. As the social experiment spread, it emerged as a model of health care for women and their babies that altered a generation’s approach to childbirth. Her work is now credited with reforming the way America gives birth, shifting it away from the isolated hospital room where fathers were not allowed and forceps were mandatory. Guest host Alex Cohen talks with Ina May about her life work and the upcoming documentary about the movement she started and how it changed the way we live. What’s your birth story?



Mary Wigmore, Co-Director of “Birth Story – Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives”



Sara Lamm, Co-Director of “Birth Story – Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives”


Ina May Gaskin, the preeminent advocate for, and expert on modern midwifery




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Quitting Facebook – how some people are cutting the cord

Facebook’s stock price continues to tumble in the aftermath of their much ballyhooed IPO two weeks ago, but the social media giant still worth billions, and still the biggest social media game in town.  But there is a growing trend of people choosing to ‘de-friend’ the ubiquitous social networking website. Millions check their Facebook account obsessively, but there are people out there who have opted to make their private lives, well, private. These people don’t wish to reconnect with high school boyfriends, post pictures of their cat or even share the fact that they ‘like’ the latest American Idol contestants’ pages. Perish the thought! At what point would you be willing to give up Facebook? How has it become everyone’s favorite - and some people’s least favorite online destination so quickly?


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