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P. Diddy’s son earns merit scholarship to UCLA, and criticism for accepting it

Justin Combs is a lucky man – he’s graduating high school with a 3.75 GPA and a full ride to UCLA for his skills as a defensive cornerback. He’s also the son of multimillionaire recording artist Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, which has a lot of people grumbling that Combs, who received a $300,000 car on his 16th birthday, doesn’t deserve a $54,000 scholarship, despite the fact that it’s merit, not need-based. UCLA spokesman Ricardo Vazquez went on record with LA Weekly about the school’s offer, emphasizing that the funding does not come from taxpayers, but from private donations. Vazquez also stressed that over 42% percent of UCLA students have their full tuition covered through need-based funding, while only 285 merit-based sports scholarships exist. Why do you think there’s been such an outcry over a merit-based scholarship? Should students whose parents make over a certain income be out of the running for all higher education scholarships? Should they refuse to accept them?



Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of and; he’s a member of the board of directors of the National Scholarship Providers Association



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Oxnard school district bans epithet that divides Mexicans

The Oxnard school district this week passed a resolution banning the words “Oaxaquita” (little Oaxacan) and “indito” (little Indian) from district campuses. The ban comes after months of lobbying from the Mixteco/Indigena Community Organizing Project’s “No me llames Oaxaquita,” or “Don’t’ call me little Oaxacan” campaign. The project claims the names are racial epithets, often used by Mexicans to put down indigenous Mexicans, of which there are about 20,000 in Ventura County, where many work in the strawberry industry. Researchers say the treatment links back to a legacy of discrimination against indigenous people in Mexico. Patt talks about the meaning of the names and diversity within the Mexican community that is not often recognized by outsiders.


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Former head of ABC News David Westin offers his ‘Exit Interview’

The television news business was changing significantly in 1997 when Bob Iger, president of ABC at the time, tapped a lawyer named David Westin to lead the network’s news division. The Big Three networks were losing profits, 24-hour cable news channels such as CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC were gaining prominence, and The Walt Disney Company had just purchased ABC. Many of Westin’s peers were surprised by Iger’s decision to appoint Westin, but for the next 14 years, Westin kept the news division profitable, scored some programming successes, and even cut costs. Westin struggled to smoothly transition the division into the digital Internet news age, according to some industry insiders, but he did reinvigorate ABC’s morning news program, “Good Morning America,” by partnering Diane Sawyer with Charles Gibson as the show’s anchors. Westin’s new memoir, “Exit Interview, documents his experience as head of ABC News. He joins Patt on the show today to trade news biz war stories.


David Westin, president and CEO of NewsRight and the former president of ABC News


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Bob Balaban, from ‘Midnight Cowboy’ to ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

“When the movie starts you can feel Wes [Anderson] taking over everything, like a great king does in a kingdom, everyone is doing well, there’s no unemployment and everyone is well read.” Is this a KPCC listener’s utopia, you wonder? Nope. It’s Academy Award nominee Bob Balaban, talking about his latest role as the narrator of “Moonrise Kingdom,” Anderson’s opening-night movie at the Cannes International Film Festival earlier this month. Balaban joins Patt to talk about his experience working with Wes Anderson, narrating a movie that he claims will someday be a book, and telling the story of a pair of young lovers running away from summer camp.



Bob Balaban, actor









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