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AirTalk for Monday, June 3, 2013

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Monday, June 3, 2013




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Topic: UN panel calls for moratorium on ‘Killer Robots:’ Governments around the world should stop research on lethal autonomous machines before it’s too late, according to a United Nations human rights expert. A group of researchers, including experts on drone technology that work for the Pentagon, warn that killer robot technology could arrive before nations have time to think through the implications. Christof Heynes, a UN special rapporteur urged world leaders to press pause on research, saying “Time is of the essence.” Speaking to reporters in Geneva, he said programming machines to kill without humans making decisions could encourage more wars and make it more difficult to hold anyone accountable for war crimes. Autonomous, non-lethal systems are being developed by the Pentagon already. Their envisioned use includes crowd control while delivering humanitarian aid to danger zones. Human Rights Watch wants an all-out ban on killer robots. But a different camp says the Pentagon ought to continue research and development because the U.S. can’t anticipate what it will need in future conflicts. How quickly is the technology moving? Can a machine with artificial intelligence make the same battlefield judgement as a human soldier? Why can’t a human be kept in the loop, as occurs with current drone technology?

Guest: Bonnie Docherty (DOK-ur-tee), Senior Researcher, Arms Division, Human Rights Watch; Lead author on "Losing Humanity: The Case against Killer Robots," a joint publication on fully autonomous weapons that was jointly published by Human Rights Watch and Harvard Law School's International Human Rights Clinic


Guest: Christopher Harman, Senior Naval Analyst, Institute for the Study of War - a described as a non-partisan, non-profit, public policy research organization dedicated to advancing an informed understanding of U.S. military affairs.




Topic: Killer Robots (CONT’D)


12:08 – 12:20


Topic:  Santa Ana Police pursuit turns deadly for innocent pedestrian:

Guest: TBA, Santa Ana Police Department

2nd Guest: TBA


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Topic: Why is LAUSD helping high school students get STD-test results by text message?: The Los Angeles Unified School District and the STD-test sharing site have joined forces to encourage students to get tested for sexually-transmitted diseases and share those test results with potential partners. The site,  shows users where the nearest STD testing center is located. The results of the test are then sent via text message to the user. The LAUSD is targeting seventh through twelfth grade students and demonstrating how to use in health classes. They say the service will hopefully encourage teens to demand to know the STD-status of potential sexual partners. Critics, however, say that encourages young people to engage in pre-marital sex. Does a service like encourage promiscuity? How do users protect their privacy? Does the site stigmatize users with negative test results? Will users receive accurate information?

Guest: Ramin Bastani, (pron TBA) Founder & CEO (CupidMe)


Guest: Valerie Huber, President National Abstinence Education Association



12:44 – 12:54

Topic: Why is LAUSD helping high school students get STD-test results by text message?: (CONT’D)



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