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AirTalk for Thursday, May 2, 2013

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

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11:20 –11:40

Topic: Is the California Fire Fee an unfair tax on homeowners in danger zones:

Guest: Marc Lifsher, reporter at the Los Angeles Times


Two bills are moving through the legislature to repeal the fee now.


11:40 –12:00

Topic: Forget QWERTY! Introducing KALQ: The QWERTY keyboard is for big, chunky computers. But as more and more us turn to our smartphones and tablets for daily computing, doesn’t it make sense to come up with a new, smaller keyboard that is also more thumb-friendly? That’s exactly what University of St Andrews lecturer and research fellow Per Ola Kristensson and his team did. It’s called KALQ, named for the last line of the letters on the keyboard. This invention is supposedly more ergonomic and efficient, but it takes at least 8 hours of practice to master its usage. Kristensson and his team plan to release the keyboard as an Android application in the next month or so. Are you frustrated by the QWERTY keyboard on your tablet and smartphone? Would you switch to the new KALQ keyboard? What is the design principle behind KALQ?


Guest: Per Ola Kristensson, Lecturer in Human Computer Interaction and a Research Fellow in the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews in England. Also the inventor of the KALQ keyboard.



12:06 – 12:20

Topic:  California prison population’s midnight deadline: A federal court has given the state of California until midnight on Thursday to come up with a plan for how it's going to reduce its prison population by 9,000 inmates. The Brown administration must make the cuts to the prison population by the end of the year to comply with a court order. The state is weighing its options including shortening prison sentences for low risk offenders, transitioning prisoners who are nearing their release date to house arrest with a GPS monitor or sending prisoners out of state. What will the state plan look like? Has the changes that the state has made so far worked? What are the risks involved in shifting these inmates out of state prisons?


Guest:  Julie Small, KPCC's Sacramento reporter

Sacramento Bureau ISDN


12:20 –12:40

Topic: How are workers with alcoholism protected by disability law?: A police officer fired for driving drunk, while off duty, is suing his Oregon employer for discriminating against his alcoholism disability. In early 2011, Jason Servo, 43, was at a bar with colleagues after firearms training. He later crashed his unmarked police car in a ditch then was arrested. Servo's lawyers say he immediately quit drinking, entered treatment then was diagnosed as an alcoholic. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does apply to the disease of alcoholism, but does not prohibit employers from firing employees whose drinking problems interfere with work. When the ADA was drafted, negotiations went to pains to ensure that alcoholics were a protected class a people, but that the associated behaviors were not protected necessarily. What if Servo had been an undiagnosed epileptic who crashed his car after a seizure? Could he still be fired? Are different disabilities treated differently? How far can employers stretch to accommodate employees with unpredictable disabilities?



Guest:  Jason Short, Attorney for Jason Servo; Partner with Short Law Group based in Portland




Guest: Karla Lopez, Staff Attorney, Legal Action Center based in NYC; Lopez specializes in legal issues surrounding substance abuse



12:40 –1:00

Topic: NYC company offering a raise in return for a logo tattoo. A New York City company is offering its employees a 15 percent raise if they get a tattoo of their company’s logo. Rapid Realty owner Anthony Lolli says the bonus plan will encourage employee loyalty and be a great ambassador for the company. There are no restrictions on size or location and forty employees are now sporting fresh new 'Rapid Realty' ink. Would you get a company logo tattoo in exchange for a raise? How much would it take for you to get a company tattoo? Do you have any tattoos that you regret?


Guest: Anthony Lolli, owner of Rapid Realty, a real estate company in New York City




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