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AirTalk for Friday, July 19, 2013

Contact: Producers Joel Patterson, Jasmin Tuffaha, Fiona Ng, Kaitlin Funaro



Friday, July 19, 2013




11:06 – 11:20

Topic: OPEN


11:20 - 11:40

Topic: Neighborhood watch in the post-Zimmerman era: [TEMP HEAD]

Guests: TBA


11:40 - 12:00

Topic: Avoiding Craigslist scams: [TEMP HEAD]

Guest: TBA


12:06 – 12:40

Topic: Filmweek: R.I.P.D., The Conjuring, Turbo and more: Larry and KPCC critics review this week’s releases, including R.I.P.D., The Conjuring, Turbo and more. TGI-Filmweek!

Guest: Andy Klein, film critic for KPCC and the L.A. Times Community Papers chain

Guest: Henry Sheehan, film critic for KPCC and

Guest: Charles Solomon, film critic and animation historian for KPCC, author for



12:40 – 12:50

Topic: The new documentary “The Guide” wonders: Can you can “preserve” the environment you live in? Set in Mozambique, filmmaker Jessica Yu’s main character Tonga Torcida lives on Mount Gorongosa and wants nothing more than to become a tour guide at the Gorongosa National Park, where 90 percent of the animal population has been wiped out by warfare. His fortuitous meeting with a humanitarian spurs Torcida’s education about the environment. He learns about the ecosystem’s dependence on everything in it—big and small. But he also learns about the human role in the environmental destruction occurring in the park and the difficulties of getting people to change.

Guest: Jessica Yu, director of “The Guide”



12:50 - 1:00

Topic: Lunch conversation with film icon Orson Welles: If you could have lunch with any movie icon, if you could ask them technical questions about filmmaking, gossip about the great stars, and even just chat about current events, would you choose Orson Welles? A new book gets you as close as possible to doing just that. Director Henry Jaglom lunched with Welles every week from 1978 to 1985, and tape recorded their conversations for the two last years of Welles' life. Film writer Peter Biskind edited the transcipts, and the product is an extremely personal portrait of Welles, who had gone from being Hollywood's greatest director to a pariah relegated to hosting celebrity roasts and voicing Paul Masson TV ads. KPCC's John Rabe spoke with Biskind and Jaglom about the book called My Lunches with Orson.

Guest: Henry Jaglom, filmmaker

Guest: Peter Biskind, filmmaker

Guest: John Rabe, host of KPCC’s “Off-Ramp”



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