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AirTalk for Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013





9 a.m. TAPING – LAPD Chief Charlie Beck

11:06 –11:20

Topic: OPEN

Guest: TBA


11:20 –11:40

Topic: How you can find quality care for aging relatives:

Guest: Dr. Laura Mosqueda, M.D., Professor and Chair of Family Medicine & Co-Director, Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse & Neglect, UC Irvine School of Medicine.



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11:40 -12:00

Topic: LAPD Chief Charlie Beck on Zimmerman protests, hit-and-runs, police training and more:  

Chief Charlie Beck joins AirTalk to discuss LAPD's accountability towards recent issues. In addition to increased car break-ins in North Hollywood, Los Angeles has also faced pedestrian robberies in the form of “bash mobs.” How can the LAPD allow peaceful protests but watch out for bash mob robberies? And while we’re discussing peaceful protests, how did the LAPD handle the protests after George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict? Although most of the protestors were peaceful, police were in riot gear. Does the LAPD prepare for the worst?

Also, LA Weekly has been covering hit-and-runs in Los Angeles. They ran an article in December on “L.A.’s Bloody Hit-and-Run Epidemic.” More recent articles say that the L.A. City Council has been pushing the police to treat these crimes more seriously.

Newly elected City Attorney Mike Feuer is also looking into crime in Echo Park. Feuer is proposing a gang injunction to reduce gang violence in that neighborhood. Would it work? What is the LAPD’s current strategy to deal with gang violence?

And are officers trained to deal with animals? Chief Beck weighs in on the dog shooting by the Hawthorne police officer.

What questions do you have for the Chief? Post them below.


Guest: Charlie Beck, Los Angeles Police Department Chief of Police


IN STUDIO                    Backup: Commander Andy Smith: 310-977-7553


LAPD crackdown on thefts from cars

Bash mobs

Reactions to the Zimmerman verdict, and we’d like to ask the Chief when a lawful protest becomes an unlawful gathering

LAPD to address city’s “hit-and-run crisis”: We’d like to ask the Chief about the shooting of the dog by Hawthorne PD, and if he thought the officer was justified in shooting, and what kind of training LAPD go through regarding animal interactions during arrests.

Echo Park gang injunction


12:06 – 12:20


Topic: Hot sauces from Mexico contain high levels of lead OR Scott Simon live-tweeted mom’s passing away [TEMP HEAD]



12:20 -- 12:30


Topic: Q&A with new Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences President [TEMP HEAD]



12:30 – 12:40

Topic: Natural gas sourced from permafrost and icy ocean depths could make for risky drilling:

Scientists in the U.S. and Japan are moving closer to utilizing a new form of energy called methane hydrate, a crystallized form of natural gas found at the bottom of the ocean. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, methane hydrate garnered its nickname “fire in ice” because it gives off tremendous heat at room temperature. According to scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey, there is an estimated 700,000 trillion cubic feet of methane hydrate across the world, containing potentially more energy than discovered oil and gas combined. But the actual production of this potential energy source could take a decade, and no single approach to harvest the gas has been perfected. In the U.S, scientists searched the Gulf of Mexico to map out methane hydrate cultures believed to be underwater, but more tests and research drilling need to be done to confirm. There are concerns that methane hydrate is unstable, and drilling it could set off a landslide. Others worry there isn’t a way to make it economically viable. The cost of developing new energy can cost up to $60 per million British thermal units, while for natural gas, its just $4 per BTU. How viable is methane hydrate as an energy source? What are the risks in production? How crucial is it to develop a new form of energy?


Guest:  Ben Lefebvre, (luh-FAYV) Energy Reporter, Wall Street Journal

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12:40 – 1:00

Topic: Are Pigs, chickens, cows and other farm animals as smart as dogs and cats?  (TEMP HEADLINE)

Guest:  TBD


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