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Thursday, October 20, 2011

1-3 p.m.



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Rage against the machine: how our anger blindsides us and the political system

It was the worst of times, and…yep, still the worst of times. These days it seems everybody is mad about something. We’ve all seemed to hit our boiling point, but how much does anger affect us and our decision making process? “Occupiers” are mad at Wall Street. Tea Partiers are mad at politicians. Psychologists say that rage can block us from paying attention to important information that could change our minds. At a time when Americans feel disenfranchised, how constructive is it to get mad? How much does anger close us off from compromise? From the picket line to Capitol Hill, to what extent can we blame biology for our polarizing viewpoints? Does the real gridlock happen in our neurochemistry?


Nina Susan Eliasoph, Associate Professor of Sociology , USC

Jamie Pennebaker, psychologist, University of Texas at Austin


2:06 – 2:30 OPEN


2:30 – 2:58:30

Riverside County kills Halloween…for registered sex offenders

No “trick-or-treat” in Riverside County if you are a registered sex offender--no decorations, no handing out candy and lights out between 5 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. on October 31. Riverside County supervisors unanimously passed the ban this week. The cities of Orange and San Jacinto were a little spooked by registered sex offenders engaging in Halloween related activities and have put similar measures in place. The city of Perris considered a ban, but refrained due to civil rights concerns. Is this a case of Riverside County playing the scary “big brother,” or are all bets off when it comes to protecting children?  How much of a threat are registered sex offenders to little ones on Halloween, and is any risk too much of a risk to ignore? How will this measure be enforced and if it’s Halloween that’s banned today, could it be the zoo or Christmas tomorrow?  Should we ban registered sex offenders from every place children might frequent?



Jeff Stone, Riverside County Supervisor, he introduced the ordinance


Franklin E. Zimring, William G. Simon Professor of Law and Wolfen Distinguished Scholar at Berkeley Law









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