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Having a dog or cat makes kids healthier
A new study by researchers at Kuopio University Hospital in Finland found that kids who grow up with pets in their home get sick less often. The study took a look at 397 children from pregnancy through their 1st birthdays and found that kids with a dog in their household had 31 percent fewer respiratory tract infections, 44 percent fewer ear infections and needed 29 percent fewer prescriptions for antibiotics. Houses with cats had similar, but less pronounced results. Is it the dirt that Molly the lab or Mr. Peepers the tabby drags in that boots kids’ immunity? Or is it just that kids with pets are happier?


Michael Chill, Dog behaviorist and animal trainer


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Ask the Chief
It’s time for Ask the Chief, your monthly opportunity to put your law and order questions to top cop chief Charlie Beck. Patt gets the latest on the ongoing hunt for the “Teardrop Rapist,” the recent eight shootings in six hours in South L.A., and the arraignment hearings of the two suspects charged with murdering USC students Ying Wu and Ming Qu. Chief Beck also responds to the report out this week that called LAPD police shooting data “misleading” and took a look at officer related traffic incidents, which now account for 25 percent of all suits filed against police officers, and a lot of taxpayer money. Write or call-in with your questions for the Chief.



Charlie Beck, Los Angeles Police Department Chief


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Angelenos sniff out love through the science of smell 

Ever hear of a pheromone party? People looking for love – or at least a great conversation – try to find their perfect match using their noses. These shindigs are loosely based on scientific research on pheromones, hormones we emit as scents that can create strong attractions between people. Before the event, partygoers sleep in a clean shirt. Purists insist that they wear no perfume, cologne or deodorant.  Upon arrival, guests rate one another solely based on their pheromones, inferred by sniffing the t-shirt samples, later to learn the identity of their love match. Would you attend such a gathering? And how important is smell in our intimate relationships?



Judith Prays, a web developer who now lives in Atlanta, said she came up with the idea for pheromone parties after she failed to find a match online


Denise Hamilton, LA crime novelist, editor of Los Angeles Noir and perfume writer for the Los Angeles Times








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