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Patt Morrison schedule for Monday, July 9, 2012


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Legislating safe sex in porn
A measure will appear on the November ballot asking California voters to decide on a proposed law that would require condom usage in adult films. AIDS and health activists support the measure, while an advocacy group for pornography performers opposes it. 

Diane Duke, executive director of the Free Speech Coalition, an advocacy group for adult filmmakers and actors  




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Public radio rock star Garrison Keillor brings A Prairie Home Companion back to L.A.
There are few names in public radio better known than that of the host of A Prairie Home Companion’s, Garrison Keillor. The home spun radio variety show brings music, comedy, lighthearted radio drama and a bit of Midwestern small town values to more than 4 million weekly listeners on more than 600 public radio stations. The show wasn’t always a hit.  The first performance debuted in July of 1974 to an audience of about twelve people who paid $1 to see the show. As A Prairie Home Companion grew in popularity, its format changed some and it moved venues, and Keillor once mothballed the show for two years in 1987. But the two hour weekly program has been produced in its current home, St. Paul, Minnesota’s Fitzgerald Theater, since 1993. Along the way there have been countless guests, songs, parodies and skits with subject matter ranging from the dark political satire to faux commercials for archaic food products. As he approaches his 70th birthday in August of 2012, Keillor has flirted with retiring more than once, but has stated as recently as December of 2011 that he has reconsidered hanging up his mic and famed red sneakers because he still enjoys hosting his signature program - and for his legion of fans, that’s good news from Lake Wobegone. What are your favorite Prairie Home Companion memories? How can the show endure without its gentle, baritone-voiced host?

Garrison Keillor, radio personality, humorist, author and host of A Prairie Home Companion and The Writer's Almanac
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Sapphire enters taboo territory with ‘The Kid,’ the sequel to the book that inspired ‘Precious’

How do rape victims cope with their violations? Author and performance poet Sapphire, who garnered critical acclaim for her novel “Push,” explores this topic in her new book “The Kid.” “Push,” was the inspiration for the 2009 film, “Precious” based on the character of the same name. Sapphire’s new book is a sequel of sorts, following the life of Precious’ son, Abdul, and his tumultuous upbringing through foster care and Catholic orphanages. This harrowing and fearless story looks at a life un-parented and impoverished yet told stylistically as only Sapphire can.



Sapphire, author of “The Kid” and “Push”






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