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AirTalk for Monday, April 1, 2013

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Monday, April 1, 2013


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Topic: Tensions mounting between faculty and administration at Pasadena City College:

Guests: TBD



Topic: Unnecessary roughness against Pasadena girl for playing flag football?: The Sequoyah School in Pasadena is a small private school known for its progressive teaching environment, less so for its athletics. Yet, the school’s flag football team made it into the Los Angeles Times last week for its incredible winning streak. They went 8-0 this past season but the team of junior high school students had to forfeit all of their wins because having a girl on the team is against the Foothill Sports League rules. The Sequoyah School is now attempting to form an all girls team although just two girls have signed up so far. Should girls and boys be allowed to play on the same teams? Why did the Foothill Football League decide against co-ed teams? Is football too much of a contact sport for girls and boys to play against one another? What if a boy wanted to play on a girls team?

Guest: Jill Cucullu (koo-koo-YOO), Athletic Director at Bethany Christian School in Sierra Madre and a member of the Foothill Sports League. She is one of 12 athletic directors in the league and she voted against allowing girls to play with the boys. She is the mother of 3 girls.



Guest: Anthony Orona, Sequoyah School’s flag football coach

or Josh Brody, Director of Sequoyah School



12:06 – 12:30

Topic: Will paid sick days for all NYC workers move across the country? New York City is set to pass legislation requiring thousands of companies to provide paid sick leave to their employees. City Council members struck a deal on March 28 to pass a measure that will kick in starting in April 2014, when businesses with 20 or more employees will be required to provide 5 paid sick days, while businesses under that size will be required to provide unpaid sick leave. By October 2015, the list of employers required to provide paid sick leave will include companies with 15 or more employees. Though mayor Michael Bloomberg is expected to veto the measure, reports say the city council will have the two-thirds majority support it needs to override the veto. Some California cities have passed similar legislation, but many more initiatives here have failed. Why? After a long fight over this in NYC, how did stakeholders reach a deal?

Guests: TBD


12:30 – 12:40



12:40 – 1:00

Topic: How the Information Age is changing everything:  

Guest: Kenneth Cukier, (pron: TBA) Co-Author, “Big Data: A revolution that will transform how we live, work, and thank;” Data Editor, the Economist, based in London



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