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AirTalk for Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


11:06 –11:40

Topic: High Court sets eyes on Defense of Marriage Act: [blurb coming]



Guest:  Lisa McElroy, (MAC-ul-roy), Professor of Law, Earle Mack School of Law, Drexel University; Supreme Court scholar

Guest: Greg Stohr, Supreme Court reporter, Bloomberg News (Checking that Greg will be in court that day)

Guest: John Eastman, professor of law and former dean at Chapman University Law School; Chairman of the Board, National Organization of Marriage that lobbies against same-sex marriage; Director of the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, a public interest law firm affiliated with the Claremont Institute for the Study of Statesmanship and Political Philosophy; Eastman authored an amicus brief for the Proposition 8 case and one for the Defense of Marriage Act case.(MUST CHECK WHETHER EASTMAN GETS INSIDE COURT)

Guest: David Cruz, Professor of law, The Gould School of Law, University of Southern California; Cruz was in Court today for the DOMA hearing; Constitutional law expert focusing on the First Amendment and civil rights.



Topic: Report Finds State Department of Parks and Recreation Mismanaging State Parks: “The old model is obsolete.” So finds the Little Hoover Commission report on California’s State Park lands. 1.5 million acres of land are designated as state park land, and the Little Hoover report says those state parks are in sorry shape, victims of incompetent management from the Department of Parks and Recreation.  Compounding the issue are economic factors: Tight budgets mean park facilities can’t be upgraded at a time when visitor numbers are falling, further dampening revenue generated by the parks. What should California do in response to this report? What are the best options for state parks? What other agencies, entities, and grassroots groups could do a better job? What could happen to 1.5 million acres of parkland if poor choices are made at this apparently critical time?


Guest: Stuart Drown, Executive Director of the Little Hoover Commission.

Guest: Craig Middleton, Executive Director of the Presidio Trust, a self-proclaimed “new” model of park management. He was interviewed as part of the Little Hoover report.



Guest:  Anthony Jackson, director of the state parks department


12:06 – 12:20

Topic: Historic Supreme Court arguments on Marriage: [blurb coming]


Guest:  Lisa McElroy, (MAC-ul-roy), Professor of Law, Earle Mack School of Law, Drexel University; Supreme Court scholar


Guest: Greg Stohr, Supreme Court reporter, Bloomberg News (Checking that Greg will be in court that day)


12:20 – 12:40

Topic: The Long Beach school board has voted to start classes an hour later for middle schoolers: If the change is adopted, that dreaded morning bell would ring at 8.50 in the morning, later than the current 7.40am start time. The school board says it will help save money. Many experts say adolescent minds will learn better with the extra sleep. What about the parents who no longer can drop off their kids on their way to work? Will the school board help them work around their soon-to-be jammed up morning schedules? What about the effects of extracurricular activities that take place before and after school? Will there be enough time for sports and drama and band if school doesn’t finish until nearly 4pm?

Guest: Kyla [KHY – lah] Wahlstrom [WALL - strum], Director, Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota.


12:40 – 1:00

Topic: Freelancer’s Bible

The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Government Accountability Office estimate that there are more than 20 million contract workers in the United States. While contractors may have more flexibility than full-time staffers, they are exposed to greater economic vulnerabilities. The Freelancer’s Union based in Brooklyn is working to address contractor’s greatest concerns such as health insurance and other benefits. In her latest book, “The Freelancers Bible” Sara Horowitz, the executive director of the Freelancer’s Union offers tips on how independent contractors should navigate the world of freelancing. How do freelancers get health insurance? Should all workers unionize? How should a freelancer schedule her time? How fast is the freelance economy growing?

Guest: Sara Horowitz, Executive Director of the Freelancer’s Union




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