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AirTalk for Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Contact: Producers Joel Patterson, Jasmin Tuffaha, Fiona Ng, Kaitlin Funaro, Jerry Gorin




Wednesday, June 12, 2013




11:06 – 11:20

Topic: OPEN

Guest: TBA


11:20 - 11:40

Topic: Why aren’t people buying electric cars? General Motors just slashed the price of its electric model the Volt to try and make up for lagging sales. Nissan also dramatically cut the price of the all-electric Leaf and is offering huge discounts on leases. The price of an all-electric car now rivals many popular non-electric models. If the price tag is no longer a barrier to people buying electric cars, and they’re good for the environment, and they’re no longer a novelty...why aren't they selling? Are Chevy and Nissan doing an effective job of marketing the vehicles? Is there a broader marketing strategy for electric vehicles that would make them sell better? Do you own an electric car? Why? Would you consider buying one? Why not?

Guest: TBD


11:41 - 11:55

Topic: New library set to open... with no books: Say goodbye to the printed page and hello to a new library with no books. An all-digital "bookless" library is set to open this fall in Texas’ Bexar County. The library will look more like an Apple store and give the community access to 10,000 digital titles. The $1.5 million facility will not house a single printed book, but will offer 150 e-readers on loan that patrons can use in their home. Budget cuts are causing libraries across the country to close. Is converting them to digital a way to save community libraries? Would you still go to a library that had only e-readers? They can be cheaper and make technology accessible to rural or low income areas but what are we losing by giving up the printed book?

Guest: Laura Cole, project coordinator for Bexar (pron. BEAR) County and the BiblioTech

Guest:  Susan Neuman, professor at University of Michigan's school of education and researcher in the field of child literacy.


11:55 – 12:00

Topic: When tax dollars meet paranoia: The FBI’s two-year quest to figure out the lyrics to “Louie, Louie”: [blurb coming]

Guest: Jon Wiener, professor of History at the University of California Irvine and author of “How We Forgot the Cold War: A Historical Journey across America”


12:06 – 12:20

Topic: USC signs 8th grader to football scholarship: How young is too young to recruit athletes?

Guest: TBA


12:20 - 12:40

Topic: Is it hip to be Asian?

Guest: Eric Nakamura, owner of Giant Robot -- which is a magazine, a retail space and an art gallery based in Santa Monica focusing on Asian and Asian American pop culture


12:40 – 1:00

Topic: OPEN

Guest: TBA



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