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RE: AirTalk for Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Crrxn: Amazon.com grocery DELIVERY coming to Los Angeles, report says:


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Subject: AirTalk for Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Contact: Producers Joel Patterson, Jasmin Tuffaha, Fiona Ng, Jerry Gorin



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

11:01 - 11:04 News

11:04 - 11:08 Pitching

11:08 –11:20

Topic: Amazon.com grocery delivery coming to Los Angeles, report says: The hyper-competitive grocery market in LA is expecting a major new player in the coming days. Reuters reports Amazon.com will offer grocery delivery to your doorstep, including fresh organic produce, meat and dairy. AmazonFresh, as its grocery section is called, has been testing in its hometown of Seattle for the last five years. It's expected to add LA, San Francisco and 20 other urban  markets if all goes well. The fear for other grocers, large and small, is that Amazon.com will treat its food business as a loss leader - just one more way to attract consumers buying more expensive wares such as electronics. Regardless, market watchers have seen many grocery businesses fail, both online and off. If you're a regular Amazon shopper, will you add milk and strawberries to your power blender order? If you're not a regular on Amazon, could rock-bottom prices make you switch from your current market? Why is Amazon taking this step? What will Amazon do differently to try to ensure sucess?


Guest:  Keith Anderson, Vice president of the Digital Advisory practice at RetailNet Group, a market.research firm for the global retail and consumer goods industry.



2nd Guest: TBA


11:20 - 11:27 Pitching

11:27 -11:39

Topic:  AmazonFresh coming to Los Angeles, report says: (CONT’D)


11:39 - 11:44 Pitching


Topic: The “Moneyball” of basketball: Oakland Athletics’ Billy Beane changed the way professional baseball recruits and builds teams. Now, a 20-something medical student at Stanford is looking to bring the same magic of statistical analytics to basketball. Muthu Alagappan was interning at a Palo-Alto-based startup when, on a whim, decided to feed the company’s proprietary data analysis software with NBA stats. The results led to him to the discovery that there are actually 13 player positions in basketball, as opposed to the standard 5. So instead of point guards or centers, you have "low-usage ball-handlers" or “mid-range big men”—more sophisticated and precise designations of what players do on the court. Better and more information, Alagappan believe, could help general managers and coaches curate better and more well-rounded teams. Alagappan unveiled his discovery at MIT's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in 2012, and took home first prize. NBA teams like the Miami Heat and Portland Trail Blazers have come knocking, wanting to find out more about what Alagappan has to offer.

Guest:  Muthu Alagappan, (pron tba) is a medical school student at Stanford School of Medicine at Stanford University. He  came up with these 13 new basketball player positions.



11:54 - 12:01 Pitching

12:01 - 12:04 News

12:04 - 12:08 Pitching


12:08 – 12:20

Topic: Michelle Rhee and her ‘Radical’ education reform agenda: Education activist Michelle Rhee has made quite the name for herself in education reform. While being a chancellor in the Washington D.C. school district, she closed 25 schools, and laid off and fired about 300 teachers, principals, and district office workers. The reason? “Students first” — Rhee’s slogan and guiding education reform principle.  

Guest:   Michelle Rhee, author of “Radical: Fighting to Put Students First;” founder and CEO of StudentsFirst; former chancellor to the District of Columbia Public Schools

VIA ISDN Sacramento


12:20 - 12:27 Pitching

12:27 – 12:39

Topic: Michelle Rhee and her ‘Radical’ education reform agenda: (CONT’D)


12:39 - 12:44 Pitching

12:44 – 12:54

Topic: Dustin Hoffman [TEMP HEAD...blurb coming]

Guest: Dustin Hoffman



12:54 - 1:01 Pitching


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