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Mindy Meyer, latest internet sensation, future President?
New York state Senate candidate Mindy Meyer’s bedazzled pink web page seems more akin to something you’d expect from Jersey Shore’s Snooki than a political candidate, and is making the Internet rounds as the latest viral hit. But according to Salon’s Michael Barthel, she's also the first candidate to truly represent the culture of the web.



Michael Barthel, PhD candidate in the communication department at the University of Washington, contributor to the Awl, Idolator, and the Village Voice




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Is the United States a Christian nation?
At a press event with the president of Turkey in 2006, President Barack Obama made the comment that the United States was no longer simply a Christian nation - that America had become more ecumenical and was comprised of a diverse set of faiths. Obama was widely criticized for his remark at the time, but this week the National Association of Evangelicals echoed his comments with the results of a survey of selected evangelical leaders. When asked whether or not the U.S. was a Christian nation, 68 percent of them said no. The association’s president, Leith Anderson, added “Much of the world refers to America as a Christian nation, but most of our Christian leaders don’t think so.” Other members of the organization gave different reasons for their answers that ranged from rejecting the idea that a nation can be solely Christian to a position that America once had been, but is no longer a nation of Christians. But many of them were in agreement that more domestic missionary work was required to put the country back on the Evangelical path. The U.S. doesn’t have an official religion, but how has Christianity influenced its people and history?

Reza Aslan, editor at the Daily Beast and internationally acclaimed writer and scholar of religions; his latest book is “Beyond Fundamentalism: confronting religious extremism in the age of globalization”|

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Consumer complaints lead to recoup of almost $147 million from American businesses

The Consumer Federation of America released its annual report of consumer complaints this week, and it seems no business sector was left untouched. Shady mechanics, hidden credit card fees, missing-in-action contractors and straight-up fraud are just a few of the complaints on the list. New this year, are real-estate-related complaints like high-pressure timeshare sales and assisted living facilities that misrepresent their services. The report also indicates grievances about cockroaches are being overrun by complaints about bedbugs. Positively, the 290,000 complaints resulted in a recovery of nearly $147 million for the parties involved. Does this new study mirror your experiences? What bad experiences have you had as a consumer? What is your number one complaint?



Susan Grant, director of consumer protection, Consumer Federation of America (CFA); she is the author of the 2011 Consumer Complaint Survey Report published on Tuesday; The CFA is a non-profit consumer advocate association of nearly 300 organizations and it was established in 1968






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