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11:06 – 11:40 OPEN


11:41:30 – 11:58:30

Who gives more to charity – Democrats or Republicans?
The ongoing calls for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to issue additional years of his tax returns haven’t ceased. Romney has faced criticism for his reasoning - that doing so would violate his religious freedom because it would reveal exactly how much money he has tithed to his Mormon church. Democrats continue to press the issue, but should they be so vocal about taking a look at charitable contributions? According to, a website that tracks charitable giving state-by-state, Utah tops the list of giving, with residents donating 10.2 percent of their discretionary income to charities. Utah is a solidly red state and went for John McCain 62 percent to 24 percent in 2008 and it has a large Mormon contingent. Blue state New Hampshire is bringing up the rear with residents of the ‘The Granite State’ donating only 2.5 percent of their discretionary income to philanthropic organizations. But if you tweak the numbers to remove donations to religious charities the giving evens out. So why the disparity? Do liberals not put their money where their bleeding hearts are or is there something wrong with the math?

Dem political strategist

Arnold Steinberg,
political strategist and analyst; a libertarian-conservative long associated with Republican campaigns


2:06 – 2:30

Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass talk sleepwalking and movies

In “Sleepwalk with Me,” comedian Mike Birbiglia’s alter-ego Mike Pandamiglio has two loves: comedy and his girlfriend, Abby. Unfortunately, he has arrived at a point in his life where dedicating himself to one means he is unable to give the other an appropriate amount of attention. Pandamiglio-Birbiglia’s struggle towards a decision unwinds against a developing sleeping disorder: sleepwalking. It’s more violent than it sounds, and fans of “This American Life” and “The Moth” will recognize some of the scenarios Pandamiglio finds himself in, including throwing himself out a hotel window. Comedian Mike Birbiglia and producer Ira Glass stop by to talk to Patt about the film, which screens in LA at the Landmark theatre this weekend.



Ira Glass, host and producer of “This American Life”; produced “Sleepwalk with Me”


Mike Birbiglia, comedian; he wrote, directed and starred in “Sleepwalk with Me”


2:40 – 3:00 OPEN



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