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Patt Morrison for Friday, November 25, 2011 - HOLIDAY -SHOW ON TAPE


Friday, November 25, 2011

1-3 p.m.







1:00 – 1:40

Live from the 2011 AltCar Expo: What’s holding back green cars?

Development of alternative fuel vehicles in the last several years has been spurred in large part by the federal government—through tax credits and exemptions, grants, and mandatory renewable fuel standards. In California, the goal of AB 32 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 means more cars and buses will run on alternative fuel. It potentially means more options for car buyers, too, less dependence on volatile gas prices and fewer air pollutants. But that’s all contingent on whether technology and consumer demand work together, and whether infrastructure can be updated to support those cars. The power grid’s in a sorry state. You don’t see hydrogen fuel stations on every corner. And how well do plug-and-play electrics really work? After green energy scandals like Solyndra, who is going to foot the bill for these upgrades and invest in green technology? Live from the 2011 AltCar Expo in Santa Monica, Patt surveys the newest hybrids, electrics, fuel cells and considers what obstacles sustainable infrastructure must overcome. Whether you’re in the market for an altcar, or just concerned about the future of gas prices and traffic in Los Angeles, tune in and call up with questions.



Rick Teebay, fleet and transportation specialist, Los Angeles County Office of Sustainability


Peter Ward, department head of Alternative Fuels and Vehicles, California Energy Commission


Enid Joffe, president, Clean Fuel Connection, one of the companies installing electric vehicle chargers and natural gas fueling stations across the region; formerly with Edison


1:40:00 – 2:00

Live from the 2011 AltCar Expo: Beyond cars, how public transportation and biking could transform Southern California

Beyond cars, what will the future public transportation and bike landscape of Southern California look like? In November 2008, California voters approved Measure R, committing a projected $40 billion to traffic relief and transportation upgrades throughout the county over the next 30 years. The Expo light rail line, the Crenshaw-LAX light rail line and Gold line extensions to Azusa have all broken ground under this measure, which is expected to greatly improve connectivity across the region and increase ridership. There are currently 1.4 million passengers boarding bus and rail throughout the county—rail accounts for 300,000 of those boardings. That ridership is expected to double by the time Measure R projects are completed. In addition, what will be the future of biking in the region? What’s been the impact of events like CicLAvia?



Richard Katz, director for METRO and board chair for Metrolink


Claire Bowin, city planner with the Los Angeles City Planning Department



2:00 – 2:40

Afterschool sessions with LAUSD Superintendent Deasy

It’s been a busy month for LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy. Groups of education advocates have taken out full page ads and even threatened to sue the school district, amid contentious negotiations with the United Teachers Los Angeles over tying student achievement with teacher performance. The lawsuit would require teacher evaluations to be linked to student performance under the Stull Act, a law that was passed in 1971. Meanwhile a group called Don’t Hold Us Back is demanding the district and the teachers union hammer out reforms that UTLA has opposed in the past. How have the actions of such groups affected contract negotiations with UTLA? And state officials say meeting federal requirements to obtain a waiver from No Child Left Behind law would cost California at least $2 billion, but many school districts say the waiver would actually save money. Does LAUSD endorse seeking a waiver, and if so, why? And finally, a report from several education think tanks and UC Berkeley finds students in elementary school are not receiving quality science classes. How is LAUSD addressing this issue? As part of our ongoing series Superintendent Deasy will be here to answer your questions and ours.



LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy


2:40 – 3:00

Folk icon Judy Collins with her new children’s book, “When You Wish Upon a Star”  

You can hear folksinger Judy Collins captivate dreamers worldwide with the original version along with other enchanting tracks in her latest project, “When you wish upon a star.” In this children’s book, Collins teams up with illustrator Eric Puyabaret to bring together dreamy illustrations and harmonious melodies. For almost 50 years, Collins has been performing on stage, collaborating with Joni Mitchell, Dolly Parton and even Rufus Wainwright. Today she joins Patt in studio to talk about her new children’s book and her new album, “Bohemian.” 



Judy Collins




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