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How successful was Bank Transfer Day?

Saturday was Bank Transfer Day, the proposed grass-roots backlash against higher bank fees that encouraged people to “vote with their feet,” and leave their bank on November 5th. Last week, credit unions reported that they added more than 650,000 members and $4.5 billion in new deposits in the past month—that's 50,000 more new accounts than in all of 2010. The rush followed public outcry over new fees from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup. B of A announced last week that it was backing away from its September 29 announcement that it would begin charging $5 a month for customers to use their debit cards. Did that have any impact on Bank Transfer Day? Did you transfer from your bank? Are you still wondering how to?




Kristen Christian, founder of Bank Transfer Day; she’s also a local gallery owner

Michelle Singletary, nationally syndicated personal finance columnist, The Washington Post


2:06 – 2:30

Sensory overload is over: if we want it

In movies, futuristic dystopias are frequently pictured as a world completely inundated by blinking billboards and rampant noise pollution. Have you looked around lately? Our modern cities are starting to look a little like the Times-Square-on-steroids nightmare depicted in Ridley Scotts Bladerunner. LED billboards line our streets, and screens of all sizes blast information and advertising at us 24/7. Nowhere is safe even gas stations have finally realized that were a captive audience when were standing there filling our tanks might as well fill our eyes and ears with a few commercials on a TV screen while were there. Throw in some sirens, a helicopter or two and a thumping stereo and our modern world has become a rather unpleasant place to be.


But all hope is not lost. Some forward thinking cities have instituted stringent restrictions and even bans on billboards and visual advertising. In 2007, the city of São Paulo, Brazil, passed The Clean City Law to combat sensory overload. "The Clean City Law came from a necessity to combat pollution pollution of water, sound, air, and the visual. We decided that we should start combating pollution with the most conspicuous sector visual pollution," said São Paulos mayor, Gilberto Kassab. Though bitterly opposed by international advertising giant, Clear Channel Communications, the law passed and since 2007 residents of Brazils largest city have begun to notice things like public art and trees. The law has had overwhelming support - 70% in São Paulos population approve of the changes. Are you experiencing sensory overload? Is it possible to make our cities better places in which to live?            




Rep from NoiseOff

Morgan Spurlock, director/writer, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

Expert from USC



2:30 – 2:58:30  

Blood and money: how things go wrong so quickly when inheritance is concerned

Outright fighting, bitterness, the silent treatment and fractured families—all possible results of an ill-planned estate. Why are family feuds so virulent when it comes to inheritance? Estate planning and elder law attorney P. Mark Accettura believes that the fierceness around our financial legacies is never simply about greed, but interwoven with the psychology of love and rejection.  In his new book, “Blood & Money,” Accettura gives us narratives of imploded families as he looks at the behavior he’s witnessed as a profesional through the lenses of social, evolutionary, and neuropsychology, not to mention psychiatry and gerontology. Perhaps more importantly, he outlines a plan for how to avoid such landmines in our own lives. Have you experienced a loss of communication with loved ones over money?  Are you worried you might?  How have you dealt with it, and what would you recommend to others?



P. Mark Accettura, Elder Law Attorney, Accettura & Hurwitz and author of “Blood & Money: Why Families Fight Over Inheritance and What To Do About It”







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