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Political campaigns go mobile… literally

If you were at the Minnesota State Fair last year and had your smart phone or digital tablet with you as you were waiting in line to buy food, you probably saw a digital advertisement from Michele Bachmann’s congressional campaign informing you of her opponent’s intension to raise taxes on the snacks and beverages you were about to purchase. Ads such as Bachman’s, known as geo-targeted mobile ads, are the newest high-tech trend in multi-media campaign marketing. This new media format is well-suited for political campaigns because it can be used to target consumers in a very specific geographic location, such as the two-mile radius of the Minnesota state fairgrounds, and it is relatively inexpensive compared to traditional forms of advertising. As the number of regular mobile digital device users increases, mobile advertising is expected to become more widely used. How do you feel about political candidates sending targeted ads to your mobile device? How much does this type of advertising infringe on citizens’ privacy? How should geo-targeted mobile ads be restricted, if at all?



Vincent Harris, CEO of Harris Media, a digital advertising agency that works with conservatives


Rob Saliterman, oversees Google’s political advertising on the Republican side



2:06 – 2:39

High fees and high fares in the…‘friendly skies’
Everyone shoving that last pair of socks into their carry-on bag during the busy holiday travel season will probably be relieved to hear that they are not alone in their struggle to limit themselves to that single solitary piece of carry-on luggage. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) of Louisiana has recently proposed legislation that would allow airline passengers to check one bag for free on each flight. “Passengers have been nickeled-and-dimed for far too long, and something has to be done about it,” she said. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano added that mandating one free checked bag would also cut down on baggage screening costs by $260 million a year. Representatives of the airlines oppose Landrieu’s bill, which has been sent to the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee for a hearing, and consider such government regulation of commercial services inappropriate. How appropriate is it for the government to regulate the details of commercial airline services, especially during a time when the airlines are pinching every penny they can to survive? How much does paying to check luggage hamper your travel experience?



Brandon Macsata, executive director, Association for Airline Passenger Rights

  • He has called on the airlines offer a “temporary cessation of baggage fees during the holidays.”


Charlie Leocha, director Consumer Travel Alliance



2:41:30 – 2:58:30

What’s the difference between a migraine and a headache?

It’s estimated that 18-24 percent of women and 6-to-9 percent of men in North America suffer from the chronic neurological disorder of migraines. Now UCLA has created the first-ever chair for headache research to study migraines and other pains between the ears. The inaugural chair holder, Dr. Andrew Charles, says the worldwide social and economic costs of the disorder are “staggering.” By studying patterns of brain-cell communication involved in migraines, his lab has identified multiple potential treatment approaches. Ever wondered what the difference is between a headache and a migraine? Or why migraines are usually only felt on one side of your head? Dr. Charles joins Patt to talk about the latest research and answer your questions about the ailment.




Andrew Charles, inaugural holder of the Luskin Chair in Migraine and Headache Studies at UCLA; he’s a professor of neurology and director of UCLA's Headache Research and Treatment Program










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