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AirTalk for Friday, August 16, 2013


Friday, August 16, 2013

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Topic: MLB proposes broader use of instant replay: Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig had repeatedly shunned calls to expand the use of instant replay in baseball. But yesterday [THURSDAY], he pulled an about-face and announced new policy on the use of instant replay in the sport. Currently, instant replay is only used for home run calls. Next season, the technology will be used in virtually every play except the strike zone and managers will get three challenges every game. The proposal is expected to be formalized at a meeting of team owners in November. MLB has been reluctant to widen the use of instant replay drastically, but conceded after a couple of egregious botched calls during last year’s playoffs. Should instant replay be used so widely in baseball? Should we do away with umpires all together? Do you think instant replays and manager challenges will slow down an already pretty slow game? Or should technology be used even more, such as in the strike zone?




Guest: (PENDING) Jayson Stark, Senior Baseball Writer for

Guest: Adam Felder, manager of digital analytics at Atlantic Media Company. He wrote this piece for the Atlantic magazine’s website



Topic: Coastal Commission vows to investigate offshore fracking

The Coastal Commission has said it will launch an investigation into reports of hydraulic fracturing - known as fracking - happening off the California coastline. The Associated Press reported that there have been 12 instances of offshore fracking in the past two decades that the Coastal Commission said it didn’t know about A complex maze of federal and state agencies means that it's hard to track down where and when fracking is happening. There have been various attempts to ban the method of extracting oil and gas because of environmental concerns. The oil industry says the method is safe and not damaging to the environment. Should the state or federal government ban or heavily regulate offshore fracking? Are there separate environmental concerns for offshore versus onshore fracking? Should California take more initiative to find out what is happening in federal waters off the coast?

Guests: TBD  


12:06 – 12:40

Topic: FilmWeek: Jobs, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Kick-Ass 2, and more: Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Wade Major and Claudia Puig to review this week’s releases, including Jobs, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Kick-Ass 2, and more. TGI-FilmWeek!

Guest: Wade Major, film critic for KPCC and

IN STUDIO                        

Guest:  Claudia Puig, film critic for KPCC and USA Today

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12:40 – 1:00

Topic: History of Jewish American Comedy (TEMP HEAD)

Guest: Ron Frank, Director, “When Comedy Went to School” - a documentary tracing the roots of Jewish American comedy


Guest:  Lawrence J. Epstein, Author, “The Haunted Smile: The Story of Jewish Comedians in America”




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