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AirTalk for Monday, August, 19, 2013

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Monday, August, 19, 2013

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Topic: Are wildfire fights in California targeting the wrong culprit?

Guest: Richard Halsey, (pron: TBA) Director, The California Chaparral Institute - an organization dedicated to the preservation of native shrubland habitats, based in Escondido




Topic: Woman sues Best Buy Geek Squad for posting her nude photos online:

A student at the University of Alabama is suing Best Buy, claiming that revealing photos on her laptop were unjustifiably removed and put on the internet after she left her laptop with Best Buy’s Geek Squad technical support team for repairs. The lawsuit, filed at the US District Court in Alabama, claims an invasion of privacy, breach of contract, and negligent supervision, training and entrustment. March found about 2 years after she’d taken the computer in for repairs that that naked photos of her, which identified her by name, were being shared on peer-to-peer networks like The Pirate Bay. The woman then notified the manager at the Best Buy in Tuscaloosa, and though an agent with Geek Squad claimed to have tracked down the culprit and deleted the files, the agent also allegedly asked her to do him the “favor of not asking who the culprit was”.  So instead she filed a police report.  We all know that our computers are subject to be tampered with when we give them to IT experts, so we hide the private photos, the password lists and the bank statements, right?  Or do we?  And can’t a savvy IT worker find stuff anyways?  How often does this kind of stuff happen, and what gets stolen or misused?  How can consumers protect themselves?  How are IT training and certification boards ensuring that this kind of stuff doesn’t happen?  Or are too many IT personnel operating without much supervision?  And what are the legal implications of tampering?  If you give up your computer under a contract that says the service can wipe your hard disk clean, how can you stop them from stealing stuff before they purge it all?  

Guests:  TBA


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12:20 – 12:40

Topic: Is your circle of friends a colorful kaleidoscope or monochrome?

A recent poll conducted by Reuters found that many Americans do not have friends of another race. The poll found that nearly 40 percent of white Americans and 25 percent of non-whites are surrounded by friends of their own race. In certain regions however, where there is more diversity there is a greater chance for people to develop friendships outside their own race.  California is the most diverse with both friendships and love, but areas of the south has the lowest percentage of people with diverse acquaintances.

Do you have friends of a different race? What role do you think location plays in this? Is it important to have a diverse set of friends?


Guest: Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, (roh-DAHL-foh) director of the Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkeley.

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Guest: Maurice Tammin, (MOHR-ees , TAM-mihn) polling editor Reuters



12:40 – 1:00

Topic: Cable news newcomer Al Jazeera America debuts tomorrow:

The first new news network to hit US airwaves in decades is making its debut on Tuesday. Al Jazeera America will have its first chance to rival CNN, MSNBC and Fox News on its own turf. The network has opened 12 bureaus around the country and is hiring more than 1,000 journalists. Its plan is to cover serious national news while also bringing an international perspective. Opinions seem to be divided over the news agency's parent company Al Jazeera. There is still bitterness toward Al Jazeera for providing an outlet for Osama bin Laden after the 9/11 attacks, a move which led some to derisively label the network "Jihad TV."  Last month, 22 crew members of Al Jazeera Mubasher Misr in Egypt resigned over what they said was biased coverage. But as many Americans grow frustrated with the current network news options, is now the time for a newcomer? Does the US news media need a fresh voice like this to shake things up? Will you be watching Al Jazeera America? Do the controversies bother you?

Guest:  Philip Seib, (pron: TBA) Director of USC’s Center on Public Diplomacy and author of the book “The Al Jazeera Effect” (2008)


2nd Guest: TBA


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