Wednesday, August 7, 2013

AirTalk for Thursday, August 8, 2013

Contact: Producers Joel Patterson, Jasmin Tuffaha, Fiona Ng



Thursday, August 8, 2013

11:06 –11:20

Topic: OPEN

Guest: TBD  




11:20 -11:30

Topic: Should bond measures only need 55% voter percent support instead of two-thirds majority?:  In the last Los Angeles city election, a bond measure to raise money for transit projects failed to pass by a hair. Measure J secured 64.72% of the vote, but needed 66.6%. State law requires local bond measures to have two-thirds of the vote, but some lawmakers want to change that. They argue city infrastructure is crumbling because  tax-raising efforts are hamstrung by too high a threshold for voter support. One lawmaker in particular is rather passionate. Yesterday [WED], City Councilman Bob Blumenfield won support of L.A. City Council to support passage of ACA 8. The Sacramento bill was authored by Blumenfield during his time in the California State Legislature. If it passes the Senate, it would place a measure on the November 2014 ballot to reduce the threshold for passage of local infrastructure bond measures to 55%. Why is two-thirds the current standard for such measures?



PRO Guest:  Bob Blumenfield *or* Representative of Los Angeles Business Council

CON Guest:  Representative of California Taxpayers Association *or* Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assoc.





Topic: NFL player caught yelling racial slur [TEMP HEAD]

Guest: TBD




12:06 – 12:30

Topic: Should states set education goals by race? [TEMP HEAD]

Florida will start implementing education goals based on race starting this school year. The state sets different reading and math standards for students from different minority groups. It wants 90 percent of Asian American students reading at grade level by 2018, 88 percent of whites, 81 percent of Hispanics and 74 percent of black students. In math, 92 percent of Asian American students are expected to perform at grade level, compared with 86 percent for whites, 80 percent for Hispanics and 74 percent for blacks. The goals were approved last October by the Florida Board of Education. Critics say by setting goals lower for black and Hispanic students the state is essentially telling these students that they are not as capable as whites and Asian Americans. Pam Stewart, Florida education commissioner, says standards must be established before achievement and learning gaps could be narrowed. This week, the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County and the Southern Poverty Law Center filed a complaint against the goals with the U.S. Department of Justice.   


Guest 1:  TBD

Guest 2: TBD



12:30 – 12:40

Topic: OPEN

Guest: TBD




12:40 – 1:00

Topic: Queens of Noise [TEMP HEAD]: The 70’s rock band The Runaways helped pave the way for female artists of today like Madonna and Lady Gaga. The LA-based band was the first all-girl group to be signed to a major label and tour the world. Evelyn McDonnell’s “Queens of Noise: The Real Story of The Runaways” tells just that—the real and complete story of the band that stirred up controversy with their sometimes provocative displays of sexuality on stage. McDonnell says her recount of The Runaways’ history is one that’s full of California tales, teenage angst and feminist fables.    



Guest:  Evelyn McDonnell, author, “Queens of Noise”


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