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Jose Huizar, Better than Walmart and Worse than McDonald’s

Jose Huizar, Better than Walmart and Worse than McDonald’s
Staff Turnover Cause for Lack of Basic Services

LOS ANGELES, CA (January 3, 2011) –   Council District 14 is one of the most economically and ethnically diverse districts in the City of Los Angeles. The communities that constitute CD 14 have their own unique set of needs and services. The one thing that these communities have in common is the poor quality of basic services they receive from their current councilmember.

One of the main reasons for the lack of basic services is the unusually high staff turnover that has taken place in CD 14 since Jose Huizar took office.

“Jose Huizar is a failed manager. You can’t expect a man who can’t retain quality staffers to provide quality constituent services.” said Eric Hacopian.

The staff turnover ratio has been the subject of many speculations amongst the community and according to U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, Walmart has a staff turnover ratio of 70 percent and McDonald’s has turnover ratio of 44 percent. Jose Huizar’s office has a turnover of 56 percent; in effect making him better than Walmart and worst than McDonald’s. 

Jose Huizar’s record on providing basic services is filled with empty promises.  In 2006, 3,164 trees were trimmed, compared to the 916 in 2009. In 2007 Huizar claimed to have secured $10.9 million to change the “Five Points” intersection to a roundabout.  As of today, no construction has begun on the project. 

In 2007, Huizar introduced a motion to create a “One Stop Small Business Center” in Eagle Rock. No further action was ever taken on the motion.

“Huizar didn’t care enough about small businesses to make it easy for them to open their doors and create jobs,” said Eric Hacopian.

In October 2010 the City announced a list of “brown outs” that detailed the days in which emergency and fire services would not be available in certain communities. The community of El Sereno is amongst the most affected with more than 10 days in which these vital services will not be available.

“People’s lives depend on these services and I will not allow the residents of CD 14 to go without emergency services,” said Rudy Martinez. “We have to think outside the box. There are $1.5 million in unexplained CLART funds expenses and I would have used that money to help cover the costs to keep those services running.” he added.

For more information please visit www.rudy2011.org or call (323) 344-3460.

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