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Stuxnet –cyber sabotage with a laser focus and deadly potential

The Pentagon has a new Cyber Command. The government of Iran has its own Cyber Army, believed to be linked to the Revolutionary Guard. But Stuxnet might be the kind of game-changing computer worm that could outsmart them all. This cyber weapon is believed by experts to have been created by Israel or the United States -- some say China or Russia -- and targeted specifically to gas centrifuges in Iran, causing havoc in their nuclear program. Stuxnet was identified in June of this year, but the extent of its damage wasn’t clear until recently, when official downplaying of Tehran’s progress in development of an atomic weapon by the State Department and Israel’s intelligence service seems to point to success in efforts to disrupt Iran’s plans. With the ability to be focused in a very specific way, many say this most sophisticated cyber weapon signals immense consequences for global security.






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Are American Muslims being radicalized?

The hearing has caused a major stir, without even being formally scheduled.  Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican who is know for speaking bluntly on matters of national security, is planning on holding a hearing, in his new role as chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, on the threat posed by radical Islam in America.  Rep. King plans to focus on the shootings at Ft. Hood and the bombing attempt in Times Square, both of which were perpetrated by American Muslims.  Just the announcement alone has caused controversy on both sides of the issues—security hawks are disappointed that more aggressive advocates against radical Islam are not being called as witnesses, while Muslim American groups are very weary that they will all be characterized as terrorists in waiting.  There does seem to be anecdotal evidence of more terrorism attempts carried out by American citizens of Muslims decent, but there’s also a sizable Muslim population in the U.S. that is well educated and very successful.  Is radicalization really a threat?






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Zombie Spaceship Wasteland! An Oswalt perspective

What do zombies, spaceship, and wasteland all have in common?  Nothing?  Or everything!  Patton Oswalt, comedian known for his stand-up and roles in King of Queens and Ratatouille, has put together Zombie Spaceship Wasteland, a collection of comedic yet insightful essays on the widest array of issues possibly imaginable--all stories from the life he's lived thus far.  Is it that Oswalt has had a more interesting, humorous life than the rest of us or just that he is able to see the funny in our mundane?  Let's a take a nose dive into the like-none-other world of Oswalt and see what results!


PATT: Patton will be signing books at Book Soup at 5pm on Saturday, January 29th and will be appearing with friends at The Largo at The Coronet at 9pm that evening. On January 30th he will be reading at Dark Delicacies in Burbank.  (time not set)



Patton Oswalt, comedian and New York Times bestselling author. His most recent book is Zombie Spaceship Wasteland




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