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CA GOP: Tax increases on the ballot? Over my pension reform!

The gauntlet has, unofficially, been thrown down:  without movement on sweeping pension reform for California’s public employees, Republicans in the legislature will not allow the state’s voters to decide if they want to raise taxes.  The Republican State Senator from Laguna Hills, Mimi Walters, is preparing a package of pension reform bills that she said must be addressed before taking up any proposal of a tax increase ballot measure.  While the state GOP has not officially laid out a list of conditions under which they would approve of giving voters a choice on tax increases it’s becoming clear that they will demand painful concessions from the state’s pension program.  They might have allies among the voters themselves, who have shown in several polls that they support limiting public employee pensions and salaries.  Gov. Jerry Brown has talked about pension reform, including requiring all employees to contribute more to their pensions and eliminating excessive overtime.  But in a state where political standoffs have become routine practice, get ready for another one over the tricky and complicated issue of pensions.



State Sen. Mimi Walters, R-33rd District (Laguna Hills); author of pension reform legislation




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It’s Oscar time!






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Obama’s halfway-point State of the Union & the road toward 2012

It’s been such an exhausting first half of President Obama’s term in office that it feels more like four years than two, but when he assumes the podium in Congress tonight to deliver his second State of the Union address he will have reached the unofficial halfway point.  What a ride it’s been—nearly $800 billion worth of stimulus, doubling the amount of American troops in Afghanistan while rapidly drawing down our forces in Iraq, passing a historic health care reform law that continues to stir up intense debate, passing financial regulation overhaul, suffering crippling job losses, reaching a tortured compromise on preserving tax increases for all Americans rich and poor, all while weathering a bitterly partisan political climate.  Even the President’s critics would agree that he’s been remarkably busy in two years, but that is where the agreement will probably end and agreement itself might be in short supply as the country moves toward what should be an epic reelection battle.  As the President prepares to lay out his vision for 2011, we preview his speech from both sides of the aisle and start down the long, winding road toward November of 2012.



Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor & Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs & Public Engagement at the White House



Rep. Tom McClintock, R – CA’s 4th district; Chairman of the Water and Power Subcommittee of the House Natural Resources Committee; member of the Budget Committee and the Natural Resources Committee.




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Does self-awareness or self-delusion equal happiness?

If we obtain a deeper understanding of our psychological issues will that awareness bring change and ultimately a happier more well-adjusted life?  Will the new awaking render us impervious to the grip of dysfunctional people and make our relationships with our family, friends and co-workers more fulfilling? What if we come to understand illusive parts of ourselves only to remain stagnant in our personal development and unable to change? Psychoanalysts have struggled to find a definitive answer to these questions.  In fact, studies haven’t shown much difference between the cognitive-behavioral approach (which emphasizes changing behavior over gaining insight and understanding of childhood traumas and the psychological issues they cause) and insight-oriented psychodynamic therapy.  Does insight and self understanding have a value and if so, will it make us happy or just a little less miserable? 



Dr. Richard A. Friedman, professor of psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College



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