Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Board Approves Yaroslavsky Corral Canyon Red Flag Patrol Plan



Supervisor, 3rd District                     Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, Room 821                      Los Angeles 90012

Contact: Joel Bellman                                                                          Date: 5/19/09

Telephone: (213) 974-3333                                                                                    





Visitors to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and residents in the Corral Canyon area above Malibu will receive an extra measure of fire protection during Red Flag Weather Conditions under a plan by Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky recently approved by the Board of Supervisors.

In the early morning hours of November 24, 2007, an illegal bonfire set by unauthorized visitors in the portion of Malibu Creek State Park directly above the Corral Canyon community sparked a devastating wildfire. Before firefighters were able to contain the fire, the blaze destroyed or damaged 98 dwellings and 45 outbuildings in the unincorporated neighborhood and threatened more than 2,000 homes.

Its geography makes Corral Canyon uniquely vulnerable in hot, dry and windy conditions. As a result, County Fire officials have recommended that during such Red Flag conditions in the Santa Monica Mountains, the County prohibit all non-emergency traffic and on-street parking in most areas north of the residential areas along Corral Canyon Road to limit access to this high-fire-danger area of Malibu Creek State when the threat of fire is at its greatest. These new prohibitions, which took effect immediately upon the Board’s passage of the motion on Tuesday, will be enforced through an enhanced Los Angeles County Sheriff presence on all days that have Red Flag conditions. The added Sheriff’s protection will be funded through Supervisor Yaroslavsky’s ongoing Operation Safe Canyon program.

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