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Monday, May 4, 2009

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May 19th Ballot Series: Props 1D and 1E

In 1998 and 2004, Californians voted in favor of Props 10 and 63 to authorize a fund-shift of annual tobacco tax revenue to early childhood development programs and a shift of income tax surcharge revenue to mental health programs. Now Props 1D and 1E on the May 19th ballot propose reallocating those funds to ease the state's burgeoning deficit and avoid additional cuts in general fund spending over the next two years. We hear from both sides.



YES ON 1E and 1D:

Julie Soderlund, spokeswoman for Budget Reform Now, which is supporting all six measures on the May 19th ballot

Call her at: 916-551-1383



NO ON 1E and 1D:

Rusty Selix, executive director of the California Council for Community Mental Health Agencies and the Mental Health Association in California; co-author of Prop 63, the "Mental health Services Act," whose funds prop 1E and 1D would reallocate

CALL HIM @ 916-557-1167; back-up cell 916-205-7777



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 The Brave New World of Climate Change: Drought-Proof Crops

There is a long running debate among the scientists and politicians watching climate change: do we invest in trying to stop the march of global warming or invest in ways to adapt to its inevitability?  A researcher at UC Riverside may have unwittingly bolstered the latter argument by isolating the genes in plants that turn on tolerance mechanisms that react to environmental stress, such as preventing cells from dying of dehydration.  The result: drought-resistant crops, a hugely valuable commodity in the increasingly dry areas of the world.  How long before drought-proof alfalfa is being planted in the Central Valley?



Sean Cutler, assistant professor of plant cell biology & chemist at UC Riverside; lead researcher on drought-resistant plans

CALL HIM:  951-827-6990

Backup:  Iqbal Pittalawala, 951-827-6050 


2:20 - 3:00





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