Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Final Actions: May 12 2009 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS3


                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


Contact:  Judy Hammond, Director of Public Affairs, (213) 974-1363

                 Brian Lew, Assistant Director, (213) 974-1652

Agenda and supporting documents:  http://bos.co.la.ca.us/Categories/Agenda/AgendaHome.asp

Agenda Highlights: http://ceo.lacounty.gov/press.htm                                                       

        May12, 2009              


Final Actions:  May 12 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise noted, vote was 4-0.  Molina absent.) 


Maximum $325,000 proposal would allow completion of landscape design to beautify Whittier Boulevard from 710 Freeway to Atlantic Boulevard, which has experienced several delays since first approved in 2005. (Item 1-D) APPROVED


Approval sought to build 75-unit low-income senior housing project in Quartz Hills, and loan $1 million to fund the project. (Item 5-D) APPROVED


Supervisors Zev Yaroslavsky and Gloria Molina ask development of plan to fight global warming, including completing greenhouse gas emissions inventory and developing countywide climate action plan. (Item 2)  APPROVED


Supervisor Don Knabe recommends Board oppose SB 282, which would limit the duration of gang injunctions to five years, reducing the efficiency/effectiveness of gang abatement efforts and compromising public safety.   (Item 5) APPROVED


Report requested on whether the County has achieved its 25% goal for participation by minority, women, disabled veterans and disadvantaged-owned business owners in County contracting and purchasing programs; whether a director should be named and commission created to coordinate and develop such programs; and whether achievement of these goals should be included in performance reviews of managers.   (Item 18) APPROVED


Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Michael D. Antonovich ask strategy be developed for “one-stop” environmental service centers to promote energy efficiency, water conservation and recycling, and reduce fossil fuel dependence.  (Item 19) APPROVED


Reestablishment of $10,000 reward proposed for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person(s) responsible for the murder of Hae Sook Roh in Gardena in 2008.  (Item 20) APPROVED


New policy proposed for the receipt and distribution of passes and tickets to, or at the behest of, County officials to meet new state requirements.  (Item 24, cont. from 4/21) KNABE CONT. TO 6/2


Proposal would eliminate 11 advisory committees due to long-term inactivity or low attendance and provide compensation for members of the Quality and Productivity Commission at $2,400 maximum.  (Item 26, 93).  CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICE CONT. TO 5/26


Supervisors asked to approve plans for 165-unit condominium development in Sand Canyon.  (Item 29) APPROVED


Agreement calls for providing medication to Southern California Edison employees and their immediate families during major public health emergencies to improve company’s ability to continue critical infrastructure operations.  (Item 44) APPROVED


Board asked to approve contract to provide a summer Waterbus service in Marina del Rey, with seven docking stations, at cost of $269,933.  (Item 46) APPROVED


Supervisors asked to begin process for development of water-oriented commercial or mixed-use projects plus boating on parcels between Mindanao Way and Fiji Way in Marina del Rey, asking developers to submit their qualifications for review.   (Item 48) APPROVED


Proposal would accelerate $33.8 million - $39.4 million of road and bike trail improvement projects as part of the federal stimulus program. (Item 71) APPROVED


Permission sought to apply for $1.2 million in federal grants that would fund efforts to mitigate the impacts of oil and gas production activities occurring off the County coast.  (Item 81) APPROVED


Board asked to authorize the sale of maximum $1.3 billion in tax and revenue anticipation notes to meet cash flow needs during 2009-10, with expectation that only $900 million will be required.  (Item 92) APPROVED


Report scheduled on options to reduce election costs and voter fatigue, including instant run-off voting.  (Item 94) RIDLEY-THOMAS CONT. TO 5/26


Status report scheduled on automating file-keeping system for inventory in Sheriff’s Central Property and Evidence Unit, including number of untested sexual assault kits. (Item 96, cont. from 3/24, 3/31) SHERIFF CONT. TO 5/19


Board asked to support SB815, legislation to provide $3.6 million to help 1,300 National Guard members pay college tuition and fees.  (Item 97-A)  APPROVED


Recommendation calls for County to work with UCLA to plan, develop, and implement prevention and treatment strategies for problem gambling. (Item 97-B)  APPROVED


Supervisors meet in closed session to discuss lawsuit filed by Drew University of Medicine & Science alleging breach of a medical school affiliation agreement. (Item CS-1)


Board in closed session discusses lawsuits arising from a claim of retaliation filed by employee of the District Attorney’s Office and the Office of Public Safety. (Item CS-2)


Supervisors meet in closed session to consider lawsuit arising out of allegations that the Probation Department failed to engage in an interactive process or provide reasonable accommodation for Peter N. Tuiasosopo, an employee with disabilities. (Item CS-3) CONT. TO 5/9


Supervisors meet in closed session to discuss lawsuit by Health Services Department employee Dr. Jayendra Shah alleging discrimination.  (Item CS-4)  CONT. TO 5/9


Board members consider in closed session a candidate for appointment to lead attorney of the Children’s Special Investigations Unit.  (Item CS-6)   CONT. TO 5/9




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