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Friday, May 15, 2009

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Mad as Hell - and Doing Something About It

Reacting to a court order preventing a one-day walkout in protest to LAUSD's planned teacher lay-offs, UTLA members around Los Angeles will demonstrate for one hour before class today [Fri] and plan to attend rallies after school, with an unspecified "civil disobedience" scheduled at an undisclosed time and location. While recognizing the plight of teachers, parents plan to show their own frustration with both the UTLA and LAUSD at a rally this morning [Fri] organized by the Lemonade Initiative, a grass-roots group who say they're "mad as hell about the current state of education in LA."  Can either of these groups change the LAUSD by taking to the streets? 






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City Attorney Race on May 19 Ballot



KPCC Reporter Frank Stoltze

Maeve Reston: Los Angeles Times Reporter




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Is the USC Basketball Program in Foul Trouble?

There has been a cloud of scandal surrounding USC’s basketball team for a few years now, ever since allegations that the Trojans’ former hoops star O.J. Mayo received approximately $30,000 in gifts and cash from an agent while was still playing college ball.  Now there are new developments in the Mayo case tied to the same shady associate who first blew the whistle on USC and Mayo:  Trojans coach Tim Floyd may have paid cash to help get Mayo onto the team, a major violation of NCAA rules.  There is an ongoing investigation of USC that could result in big sanctions against the Trojans.  There is clearly smoke surrounding USC, but is there fire beyond the speculation?



XXX: Yahoo! Sports Reporters who broke the story


Petros Papadakis, host of the “Petros & Money Show” on Fox Sports Radio, heard in L.A. on KLAC AM570; former tailback & team captain of the USC Trojans football team


NOTE: USC confirmed that it is an active investigation, but they can't comment due to the ongoing investigation





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Tweet. Tweet. What Are You Doing?

Twitter—it was all the rage, but history tells us it's only a matter of time before it's replaced with something new. The technology that marketed itself somewhere between a sms message and a blog seemed only to have a trickle of a following at first...and then it exploded. Are we over it yet or have we only begun to understand its potential? We consider the utter insignificance, or virtue, of the medium. What are you thinking?



David Pogue of the NY Times



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