Wednesday, May 27, 2009

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

1-3 p.m.


1:00 – 2:00

House of Pain: Detailing Cuts to CA Budget

The bad news just keeps on coming: After last week’s defeat of the budget propositions, which boosted the expected state deficit from $15 billion to over $21 billion, Gov. Schwarzenegger’s office was informed recently that the new deficit figures will be even worse.  Thanks to the continuing recession we’re now looking at a $24.3 billion deficit hole that needs closing, and if you believe the Governor and leading legislators that hole will be largely closed on the backs of the neediest Californians. CalWorks program, which assists poor single mothers, will be gone; Cal Grants, which go to low income college students, will be gone.  What kind of bare bones government can we expect?








2:00 – 2:30

SAG Ballots Are Out - Internal Battles Continue

While SAG members decide how to vote on their contract with Hollywood producers, leadership is sharply divided in a bitter internal battle over the merits of the deal, with the rancor spilling into the public eye through personal appearances, blogs, and videos on YouTube.  Does the vitriol change anybody's mind about their vote, and can the union be made whole again when the ballots are counted? 



Alan Rosenberg: President of SAG. He is urging SAG members to vote against the contract

Ned Vaughn: Unite for Strength leader. He is urging SAG members to vote for the contract.



2:30 – 3:00



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