Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Final Actions: Sept. 21, 2010 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS..Board is in closed session


                           Board of Supervisors, County of Los Angeles  


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       Sept. 21, 2010


Final Actions: Sept. 21, 2010 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise indicated, vote was 4-0.  Antonovich absent.)


Motion would provide additional $50,000 to the Fathers in the Classroom project, workshops for fathers of children between ages of 8 to 10 to improve their participation in their children’s education.  (Item 1-D) APPROVED


$3.2 million proposal would develop housing for homeless families and transition age youth in First and Fifth Supervisorial Districts and provide supportive services. (Items 2-D and 2) APPROVED


Action would allocate $2 million to renovate the Arcadia Park pool and pool building, and establish $8.5 million budget for the project.  (Item 1-P and 30) PUBLIC WORKS CONT. TO 10/5


Motion by Supervisors Michael D. Antonovich and Gloria Molina instructs County departments to participate in project that would improve the visual appearance of an 8-mile stretch of Arrow Highway in San Gabriel Valley and revitalize the economy of the area. (Item 4)APPROVED


Agreement would allow Los Angeles Police Department to share information to give social workers a more comprehensive understanding of a family’s situation when investigating child abuse or neglect, allowing more informed decisions to ensure children are kept safe and the needs of the family are addressed.  (Item 12) APPROVED


Authority sought to apply for $1 million grant to develop a regional climate action plan to achieve industrial greenhouse reductions. (Item 16) APPROVED


Proposal would expand the letter-grading program to include food trucks and food carts.  (Items 19 and 38 , cont. from 9/14) PUBLIC HEALTH CONT. TO 10/5


Agreement would extend $141,713 contract with research firm to allow survey of residents living in the vicinity of the Baldwin Hills oil field to learn of their concerns about odors, noise, vibration and health issues due to drilling.  (Item 20) APPROVED


Contract for removal and disposal of dead animals from County’s six animal shelters would be expanded to provide for timely removal of large dead animals at remote locations and unscheduled pickups.  (Item 21) APPROVED


$10.6 million agreement to allow early purchase of electrical and mechanical equipment would

help assure on-time completion of the inpatient tower renovation and multi-service ambulatory care center project at King Medical Center.   (Item 26)APPROVED


Board asked to approve $34.8 million to buy and install medical equipment for Harbor-UCLA Medical Center surgery/emergency replacement project.  (Item 27) APPROVED


Resolution would authorize application for $2.25 million grant to complete the eastern ridgeline project at Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area, a state-owned, County-operated park.   (Item 28) APPROVED


Recommendation calls for prohibiting expanded polystyrene food containers at County facilities, concessions and County-sponsored events.  (Item 29) APPROVED, WITH KNABE AMENDMENT TO EXAMINE APPROPRIATE INFRASTRUCTURE TO HANDLE ALTERNATIVE MATERIALS WHEN STUDYING FEASIBILITY OF EXTENDING BAN TO UNINCORPORATED AREAS


Amendment would give Monrovia Nursery Company an additional four years to construct replacement fire station in Azusa due to the significant delay in the construction of new homes in  development project.  (Item 35) APPROVED


Report scheduled on negotiations regarding ambulatory care restructuring plan.  (Item 39, cont. from 9/14) APPROVED MOTION BY MOLINA TO ESTABLISH A TEAM OF EXPERTS TO EVALUATE EXISTING HEALTH SYSTEM AND PROVIDE RECOMMENDATIONS ON RESTRUCTURING


Two-week delay requested for report on hiring and monitoring of personnel needed to improve probation camps.  (Item 40) CEO CONT. TO 10/5


Motion urges state to take actions to protect residents of Bell from further harm, including appointing an independent receiver, prohibiting current council members from appropriating funds or entering into contracts, designating the County to handle election issues, and requiring Bell to pay $2.9 million to County for tax refund to residents.  (Item 42-A) APPROVED





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