Monday, September 27, 2010

Online registration system debuts for parks and Dockweiler Beach

Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department

September 27, 2010


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New Online Reservation and Registration System for

Los Angeles County Departments of Parks and Recreation and Beaches and Harbors Goes Live Today, September 27, 2010


The public will now be able to make and pay for reservations at select Los Angeles County Parks and Dockweiler Beach with the new Los Angeles County Activity Registration and Reservation System (LACARRS).   LACARRS will allow the public to access, review, schedule and reserve County facilities and services such as swim lessons, picnic areas, RV park spaces, community rooms and conference quarters and pay via credit card.  The general public can access the new online reservation system at


“We are excited and expect to see tremendous benefits from this new online reservation system,” said Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation Director Russ Guiney. “Enabling online reservations and collection of fees will not only enhance convenience for the public in an ever-increasing electronic world, but also realize operational efficiencies by automating processes.”


LACARRS is a collaborative effort of the Departments’ of the Chief Information Office (CIO), Parks and Recreation (DPR), Internal Services (ISD), and Beaches and Harbors (DBH).  DPR and DBH will be the first County organizations to utilize the system; specific facilities going live in the month of September will include Dockweiler Beach, Castaic Lake State Recreation Area, Arcadia County Park, Alondra Park, and Charles S. Farnsworth Park.  Dockweiler Beach will offer online RV Park reservations; Castaic Lake will offer online camping, picnic, and RV Park reservations; and Arcadia, Alondra, and Farnsworth Parks will offer online facility reservations. 


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