Thursday, September 30, 2010

sound bites/video available: public advised to stay out of flood control channels

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STORM SEASON PRESS CONFERENCE:                                         

Officials caution public to STAY OUT of flood control channels

County officials advise residents to stay out of County flood control channels, rivers and debris basins during storm season.

While the County’s vast network of bike trails remain open to the public on dry days, residents should never enter flood control channels when it rains. At peak flow, the LA River moves close to 183,000 cubic feet of storm water per second out to the ocean—the equivalent of 40 million garden hoses going full blast.

Selected sound bites of the following speakers:

Don Knabe, Supervisor, County of LA (4th District)

Gail Farber, Director, County of LA Department of Public Works and Chief Engineer of the LA County Flood Control District

P. Michael Freeman, Chief, County of LA Fire Department

Mike DuRee, Assistant Chief of Operations, City of Long Beach Fire Department


First-responders from County of LA and City of Long Beach fire departments display the specially designed water rescue vehicles and devices, ground equipment, harnesses, personal flotation devices and ropes used in swiftwater rescue operations. Also included, footage of the Dominguez Gap Wetlands and the LA River Flood Control Channel.  

HD Sound bites and B-Roll available for download at:

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