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Thursday, September 30, 2010

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Ladies and Gentlemen… the Doha Debates!

The Middle East remains a mystery to many in the Western World, and what’s more, a heavily stereotyped and pre-judged region due to the militaristic actions of a small minority and a general disconnect between two vastly different cultures. Some may think that there is no room for political discussion among the region’s people. Chaired by BBC’s Tim Sebastian, the Doha Debates, broadcast eight times a year, are aimed at giving young Arabs the opportunity to share their views and concerns with one another and the world. One topic, debaters, and audience questions… the Doha Debates provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas and arguments surrounding major political topics of the region.



Tim Sebastian, founder and chairman of the Doha Debates; former BBC foreign correspondent and first host of the BBC’s flagship interview program, <i>Hardtalk</i>






2:00 – 2:20

Another habitable planet - does Earth have a not-so distant rival?

Human fascination with space, the final frontier if you will, has led us to ask many questions and subsequently discoveries. Can man walk on the moon? How big is the Universe? And perhaps the most mystery shrouded question of them all, can there be life outside of Earth? Astronomers and physicists constantly scan other planets and solar systems for signs of life, or at least habitable planets. Meet the most recently discovered habitable planet, Gliese 581g, which orbits a nearby red dwarf star in the constellation Libra along with five other planets. A team of astronomers from UC Santa Cruz and the Carnegie Institution of Washington have collected data for 11 years and estimate the planet to be Earth-sized but roughly three times more massive. This is the third “habitable” planet detected in the same solar system, but as Goldilocks discovered of the bear’s porridge, one was too hot, one two cold – this one, would be just right. If the discovery is proven, this would be the first strong case for a potentially habitable planet. But does habitable mean pleasant? Patt shoots for the stars and talks to one of the lead astronomers. 





2:20 – 2:40



2:40 – 3:00

Alt Car Expo

This Friday the 5th annual Alternative Energy & Transportation Exposition, also known as the Alt-Car Expo, kicks into high (energy efficient) gear at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. The free event will cover all things alternative when it comes to transportation, including a panel that will try to answer the question – “what will it take to get you on the bus?” We discuss everything from the “ride and drive” that will expose attendees to the latest in the evolution of the fuel efficient car to something that Nissan is calling the all electric LEAF… what in the world is an electric leaf? 



Peter Ward, Program Manager for the AB 118 Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program to be administered by the California Energy Commission.



  • He was the Fuel Distribution Program Manager for the California Clean Fuels Infrastructure Program, and served as the statewide Clean Cities Program Coordinator for five years. Peter has had extensive experience in the establishment of clean, alternative fuel infrastructure and fuel distribution, including fuel methanol, fuel ethanol, compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas and propane.


Rick Sikes, City of Santa Monica Fleet Superintendent



  • He keeps Santa Monica’s small army of vehicles running green. He and his associates educate the city about the benefits of alternative transportation strategies.


  • Santa Monica wants to be the nation’s first “Net Zero” city. Through energy efficiency, solar and other renewable energy, the city envisions generating clean energy that matches its total energy consumption. Over 80% of the city’s 519 vehicles are either alt-fuel or electric. A total of 265 city vehicles run on natural gas, including heavy trucks and street sweepers. 5 of the city’s fleet of Toyota Priuses were converted by Quantum to run on pure hydrogen. And over the next few years the city fleet will get cleaner. Hydrogen can be mixed with CNG to make many of the existing vehicles run cleaner.



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