Thursday, February 18, 2010

Legendary Hip Hop Pioneer KRS-ONE and Award-Winning Artist Omar G. Ramirez launch "Cultural Diversity: Respect" Poster Campaign


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Legendary Hip Hop Pioneer KRS-ONE and Award-Winning Artist Omar G. Ramirez

Launch Human Relations “Respect” Poster Campaign


WHO:                KRS-ONE, legendary Hip Hop music pioneer, producer, author, creator of the Temple of Hip Hop, and recipient of 2008 BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Mr. Omar G. Ramirez, Award-winning artist, curator and teacher, releasing his commissioned art piece for the Human Relations Commission’s “Respect” Poster Campaign, Dr. Sandra Thomas, President, L.A. County Commission on Human Relations

Mr. Robin S. Toma, Esq., Executive Director, L.A. County Commission on Human Relations

Mr. Tyki Nelworth, Student Body President, and other students of Washington Prep High School

Mr. Gustavo Guerra Vasquez, zerohour Program Coordinator at Washington Prep, LACCHR

Mr. Fidel T. Rodriguez, Senior Intergroup Relations Specialist, LACCHR, and award-winning Hip Hop radio host and producer of “divine forces radio.” 


WHAT:              KRS-ONE has driven across the country to join the L.A. County Human Relations Commission to launch its “Cultural Diversity: Respect” Poster Campaign and speak to an assembly of 1,200 Washington Prep High students about respect, diversity, building community peace and education in an activity entitled “Respect 101 w/KRS-ONE.” (If you would like to attend the assembly or seek photo/interview opportunities with students, please contact Patricia Senette, whose information is listed at top.) This campaign is organized by the Commission’s “zerohour: No Haters Here!” program at Washington High Complex, which is part of the $8.8 million federal Safe Schools/Healthy Students “W.I.N.” grant awarded to LAUSD’s Washington High School for 2009-2013. This zerohour program is building a sustainable model that works with students, parents, teachers and school and community leadership to integrate human relations approaches and strategies into the campus culture, programs and policies. 


                        L.A. County Commission on Human Relations will present KRS-ONE with a scroll from Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas commending him on his positive commitment to empowering communities, fostering harmonious intergroup relations and engaging the public in conscious hip hop culture promoting non-violent conflict resolution through the “Stop the Violence” Movement.


                        For more information on the Commission’s “No Haters Here!” program, go to


WHEN:              Wednesday, February 24, 2010, 10:15 a.m.              


WHERE:            George Washington Preparatory High School

10860 South Denker Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90047-4699

Phone: (323) 757-9281


VISUALS:           Poster and Video of Recent “No Haters Here Week” at Washington Prep.


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