Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free household waste roundups in the County

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Clean Up Los Angeles!

Visit a Household Hazardous Waste/e-Waste Collection Event


Say goodbye to used motor oil, dirty oil filters, unwanted electronics, and old paint cans by saying hello to a County-sponsored household hazardous waste collection event.


Disposing of oil and paint improperly can be devastating to a community. In fact, one gallon of motor oil—the amount of a typical auto oil change—can pollute nearly one million gallons of drinking water! By properly disposing unwanted household hazardous waste items, County residents can help prevent stormwater pollution, protect the environment, and safeguard local groundwater supplies.


“When it comes to protecting the environment, individual actions make a big difference,” said Gail Farber, County Public Works Director. “If each of us does our part to properly dispose of unwanted items, we’ll prevent pollutants from reaching our waterways. By taking advantage of these collection events, we can be part of our community’s clean water solution.”


County-sponsored household hazardous waste/electronic waste (HHW/E-Waste) collection events are free and open to all residents of Los Angeles County. These events are scheduled on Saturdays (except for holidays) from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at various locations throughout the County. Permanent HHW/E-Waste collection centers, operated by the City of Los Angeles, are open to the public as well.


For a calendar of upcoming events, permanent HHW/E-Waste collection center locations, and a list of acceptable HHW/E-Waste items, visit


Here are a few simple steps to prevent stormwater pollution:

ü  Put litter and extinguished cigarette butts in trash cans—not on the street.

ü  Carry a litter-bag in your car or backpack and remember to use it.

ü  Always pick-up after your pet.

ü  Keep your truck bed litter-free and always tie-down your load.

ü  Purchase non-toxic household items.

ü  Apply pesticides or fertilizers sparingly and never before it rains.

ü  Recycle used motor oil and oil filters at a certified collection center or bring these items to an HHW/E-Waste collection event.


For information about the County's pollution prevention programs, call 1(888)CLEAN LA or  visit




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