Friday, September 3, 2010

County: Keep County Campgrounds Clean This Labor Day






The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works reminds campers to keep their campgrounds clean this Labor Day weekend by putting trash and recyclables in their proper place. 


Public Works Director, Gail Farber, said residents can help maintain clean and safe campgrounds and ensure animal safety by picking up after themselves and their pets.


"When campers engage in these pollution prevention behaviors, they help prevent water pollution problems," Farber added.


Campers are urged to use the following tips to keep campsites clean:


  • Put litter and extinguished cigarette butts in trash cans—not on the ground.
  • Carry a litter bag in your car or backpack, and remember to use it.
  • Always pick-up after your pet.
  • Recycle beverage containers.



For information about the County's pollution prevention programs, permitted recreational vehicle sewage waste disposal sites, and to report illegal dumping, call 1(888)CLEAN LA or visit




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