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Fourth Down for Southern California Football

Yesterday (Thursday), the city council for the City of Industry approved an environmental impact report for a proposed pro football stadium that could lure a team back to the Los Angeles area. The action, along with the approval by voters for the sale of up to $500 million in bonds, was a key step in construction of a football venue in Industry. Ed Roski, the billionaire behind the effort, plans to start construction as soon as a team has committed to playing there. It remains to be seen whether the NFL would sanction moving a team to Industry and whether any neighboring cities will block the action. Could this be the beginning of the end for the campaign to bring pro football back to the LA region?



John Semcken: He works at Majestic Real Estate Co. with Ed Roski

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Collin Cowherd: Host of “The Herd” on ESPN radio

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David Carter: Executive Director, USC Sports business institute

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Comedy Congress

It’s been a long and tiresome journey for the Comedy Congress crew, from New Hampshire to Denver and St. Paul—and of course the logical conclusion is that with the inauguration of Barack Obama and the culmination of the 2008 campaign, politicians would stop saying stupid things, right?  Even with the departure of the comedian-in-chief George W. Bush, humor will still reign in the Obama era.  The silliness and unintentional humor flowed throughout inauguration week and we were there to capture it all, from a bumbling Chief Justice to a bumbling Vice President.  Welcome to the post-campaign Comedy  Congress—the truth hurts far less when it’s told by comedians.



Aisha Tyler, guest star in various hit TV shows like Friends, Nip/Tuck, CSI & 24, among others; former host of E! Network show Talk Soup; regular contributor to Jane and Glamour magazines. 


  • Aisha was in Adam Sandler’s new film, “Bedtime Stories,” released on Christmas Day; and she is about to head out on a national comedy club tour.


David Greene, comedy writer and director, whose History Channel documentary “History of the Joke, with Lewis Black” starred greats like Robin Williams and Robert Klein, and featured one of George Carlin’s final performances.


  • Dave is currently shooting a reality show with Gallagher (yes, that Gallagher), and a pilot with the greatest title in television history, called “Stripperpedia.”






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Comedy Congress, CONT



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