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World Baseball Classic Lands in L.A.—Does Anyone Care?

It started with 16 national teams and intense international interest, but the one place where the World Baseball Classic tournament has failed to catch on is the very birthplace of baseball:  the United States.  When the WBC was created in 2006 it was meant to capitalize and foster the growing global love for baseball, especially in Latin America and Asia.  Team USA was knocked out in ’06 before the final round and has struggled to stay competitive this year, while teams from Puerto Rico and Japan are thriving.  As the WBC comes to Dodgers Stadium this weekend for the final bracket, will there be any national pride in our national pastime?



Davey Johnson, coach of Team USA






2:08 – 2:18

Employee Free Choice Act:  The Friendly Side of Unionization

In uncertain and very tenuous economic times, the safety of a labor union might be looking better to many American workers.  After decades of dwindling numbers unions actually gained members in 2008, up by 428,000 workers.  Now there’s a move to make it easier to organize in the work place, and the Employee Free Choice Act introduced last week in Congress is meant to do just that:  allowing workers to choose whether and how to form a union.  While workers might appreciate the choice to unionize employers argue that it will be devastating for workplace competition.  Will an easier path to union membership benefit American workers? 



Rep. Robert Andrews, D-New Jersey’s 1st District (Woodbury); Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor & Pensions




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Card Check:  The Dark Side of Unionization

Unions have long been the boogeyman of corporate America, and it seems that rank-and-file workers have come around to that thinking:  In 1983 20.1% of the American workforce belonged to a union, and last year it was down to 12.4%.  The “card check” legislation being considered by the House threatens a flood of unionization efforts, something that employers argue would be to the detriment of their employees.  Are Congressional Democrats and the Obama Administration advocating for the return of a powerful role for unions?






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