Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Special Counsel Report Released Today

Attached is the 26th Semi-Annual Report by Special Counsel Merrick Bobb, which is being released today.   The Board of Supervisors created the special counsel position to monitor the Sheriff's Department, reviewing issues and operations within the department.


This report concludes a year-long examination of the provision of medical and mental health care and services to women inmates, and looks at the progress of the Sheriff's Department in identifying and formulating plans to eliminate the backlog of unprocessed rape kits.


If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact Merrick Bobb at 213-623-5757.


I do not have any hard copies at this time, but should be getting a few about noon.  The report  is online on the County website at



Background of Special Counsel Reports:

The reports are prepared at the direction of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors pursuant to its appointment of special counsel to conduct ongoing monitoring and critical review of the LASD's performance. Concerns about police misconduct and its high cost to the County, both in terms of frayed community relationships and the financial burden to taxpayers, led to the Kolts Report and the decision of the supervisors to order full implementation of the Kolts recommendations.

When the Kolts Report was published, there was criticism that the report had not recommended a civilian review board which would take over the LASD's power to investigate and discipline police misconduct. Unwilling to take so far-reaching a step, but wishing to respond to a need for active, ongoing monitoring and oversight, the supervisors, with the concurrence of the sheriff, created a continuing role for special counsel.


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