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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Say Hello to Modern India

Indian businessman Nandan Nilekani once commented to Thomas Friedman, “Tom, the playing field is being leveled” – a remark that inspired Friedman to write The World is Flat, a big-think book about off shoring and globalization that sold millions. Now, Nilekani has a book of his own, a definitive look at modern India, challenging traditional wisdom and exploring what is at stake in the world's largest democracy. Why is India's huge population also its greatest strength? How is information technology bringing the benefits of globalization? And the question on all our minds: in the showdown between the two emerging world powers - India and China - which country will come out on top?



Nandan Nilekani, author of Modern India, co-chairman and co-founder of Infosys Technologies, one of the world’s largest IT service companies.






2:00 – 2:40

Worksite Immigration Raids Change Focus from Factory Floor to the Boardroom

It’s been one of the most contentious parts of the federal government’s recent immigration policy:  worksite raids targeting illegal immigrant employees, often resulting in dozens of detentions and enmity in the targeted immigrant communities.  A byproduct of the Bush Administration’s failure to secure broad immigration reform, the raids were deemed both inhumane by immigrant activists and necessary law enforcement by opponents of illegal immigration.  Now the Department of Homeland Security is about to announce a change in policy that will shift the focus of these raids from the employees to the employers that hire illegal immigrants.  Will the changes placate both sides of the debate?



Rep. Nydia Velazquez, D-NY (12th District, Brooklyn); chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus; Also, chairwoman of the House Small Business Committee and a senior member of the House Financial Services Committee



Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies





2:40 – 3:00



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