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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Hillary Clinton’s Spring Break: All Business, No Fun in Mexico

It seems like a rite of passage for new American presidential administrations:  one of the first foreign trips for both the president and his highest ranking envoys is to our southern neighbor Mexico.  President Obama is engaging in that tradition by sending a parade of officials to Mexico City over the next month, starting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and ending with the President himself traveling to Mexico in April.  But these are not normal times in the U.S.-Mexico relationship: drugs from Mexico and cash and guns from the U.S. regularly crisscross the border while Mexico is fighting an all out war against drug cartels in its cities.  What’s on Secretary Clinton’s agenda for her Mexican spring break?



Roberta Jacobson, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Canada, Mexico & NAFTA in the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs at the U.S. State Department





1:25 – 1:35

Wall Street Journal Guide: How to Start Your (New) Financial Life

Making smart choices with your money is crucial, especially in the midst of an economic meltdown, but where do you begin? How do you pay off student loans, taxes, and establish good credit at the same time, let alone stay afloat in such uncertain times? Veteran financial journalist Karen Blumenthal is here with some tips on how to start, or resuscitate, your financial life.


Karen Blumenthal,
writer of The Wall Street Journal’s Family Money column; author of The Wall Street Journal Guide to Starting Your Financial Life and Grande Expectations: A Year in the Life of Starbucks’ Stock.





2:08 – 2:35

The End of Wall Street as We Know It

"Stay Calm, Carry On," a retro phrase that's currently making a comeback, is probably just about the last thing anyone's compelled to do in this economy. But financial journalist and financial crises-veteran Dave Kansas is here with an inside look at the financial wizardry, easy money and overconfidence that drove the subprime crisis, credit crunch and market meltdown, and with individual investor strategies -  whether you should think seriously about "the mattress."



Dave Kansas, author of The Wall Street Guide to the End of Wall Street as We Know It.


Kansas is Editor at Large of FiLife.com, a new online personal finance joint venture between Dow Jones and IAC Corp. Prior to that, Kansas spent four years as editor of The Wall Street Journal's "Money & Investing" section and was editor-in-chief of TheStreet.com. He is the author of two previous books, The Wall Street Journal's Complete Money & Investing Guidebook and TheStreet.com Guide to Investing in the Internet Era.




2:43 – 2:53



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