Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FINAL: JULY 28 2009 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS (Board is still in session, but all Highlight items acted on.

The Board is still in session, but all items on the Agenda Highlights have been acted on.



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        July 28, 2009              


Final Actions: July 28 Agenda Highlights

(Unless otherwise indicated, the vote was 3-0.  Antonovich and Knabe were absent.)


Board asked to increase fees for spaying/neutering animals, and shelter and adoption services, to offset operating costs and raise $500,000 in revenue annually.  (Item 6) APPROVED


Action would increase rates at County parking facilities in Los Angeles Civic Center and outlying areas to offset operating costs, and raise $1.4 million annually.  (Item 7) APPROVED


Parks and Recreation Department proposes to establish new fees, including a $20 swim lesson fee, and increase others to offset costs and future curtailments, resulting in estimated $1.3 million over two years. (Item 8) KNABE CONT. TO 8/11


Proposal would implement new fees for facilities/services provided at Marina del Rey and other County beaches, including parking fees, to offset operating costs and raise $2.3 million in revenue annually. (Item 9) KNABE CONT. TO 8/11


Permission sought to allow company to construct wireless telecommunications facility on County-owned Altadena Golf Course for up to 20 years.  (Item 10) APPROVED


Proposal would allow Topanga Canyon residents to build fences and walls up to six feet high and would establish development standards for fences.   (Item 11) APPROVED


Board asked to reinstate $5,000 reward to allow the individuals who provided information leading to the conviction of suspect responsible for the 2002 murder of Gloria Gaxiola in Hacienda Heights to file a claim for the reward.  (Item 13)  APPROVED


Report scheduled on law enforcement facility fees for Santa Clarita/North Los Angeles County.  (Item 18, cont. from 3/10, 5/12, 6/9, 6/30) REFERRED BACK TO CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICE


Report scheduled on the status of the state budget situation and the impact of the state’s action to issue IOUs.   (Item 19)  RECEIVED AND FILED




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